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In The Dark About The Light


Throughout my life I have experienced many events that cannot be explained by logic or reason. I've experienced many things since a very young age, so I've never really considered it unusual. I would hear a high frequency buzz and know that someone was approaching. I would find myself in grade school experiencing deja-vu from a dream I had prior and be able to act on what I knew from my dream. It wasn't unusual. It wasn't odd. I was too young to even consider it special. I believe it may be a hereditary in my case.

My parents were strict Christians. When I was young, I would hear my mother talk about her sibling having problems with the 'demons'. It took me a long time to understand what she really meant. This was something that others in my family experienced and feared.

In more recent years I have scared a few people away at an introduction. They would give their first name, and their family name would roll out of my mouth. Or I would look at a stranger and say their given name. It was never a guessing game. It would just flow out of my mouth. It's not with intent, it just happens. Too frequently to be chance.

These aren't the experiences I want to share though. This is just a bit of background for the one I can't define.

One morning I was at my computer. The buzz or hum of the fan relaxed me. I looked to my left and saw something hovering above my head. I tried to lift my head to see what it was, but my head felt so heavy. I was sluggish. Then, for some reason I knew to not try to see it directly, not with my physical eyes, I let my head relax, my eyes were looking downward. Having done this I was able to 'see' this object it was as clear to me as if I were using my eyes, but I was using another sense or another 'eye' I don't know.

What I saw was beautiful. It was a hovering light, not a ball, but more like a little star. It the light it emitted would fold in on itself, convoluting beautifully at a high frequency. I've since been calling it a multidimensional entity, I'm certain it was aware, but didn't know how I knew that. It hovered above my head and slowly a beam, ray, or tentacle of light came down to touch my forehead (center mid) between my physical eyes. The whole while (which couldn't have been more than 15 minutes) I felt physically paralyzed, for lack of a better word, it was beautiful and I still don't know understand what it was.

After it was over, it was as if I had awoke from a dream. You know how that is, when you awaken from a dream that you cannot recall. Then half way through your day you have total recollection of it, out of left field.

I don't know if that was a representation of my spirit being not bound by gravity, or if it was a loved one, or some ethereal entity. It was beautiful though. And I feel privileged to have been touched by its ray of light.

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PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-12)
Thank you for sharing these lovely events: of seeing
With the 3rd eye, by looking downward and inward.

It is important to hear others stories, and
It is a true reality of "Etheral beings",
That come and bring love and light.

So many times the paralysis is a result of the
The brain waves being affected.
And the inability to move is a trance is shown in
By indigenous people in the Himalyas some stand still
While other move physically.

Author: Christian Ratsch
Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas

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