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Astral Projection For 17 Years


I will make this short and sweet. Since the age of 16 I have been able to AP. Never by choice. I never chose to due to fear. Most of these experiences would be scary and would end with me being so terrified that I would be instantly sucked back into my physical body. For years I had no idea what was happening and usually wrote these off as very vivid dreams.

As they became more frequent during a very hard time in my life I sought out more information and discovered the astral world. I experimented a bit but was still very afraid. I would go through periods where it would happen for many months and then be absent for years. It seemed to happen more often during periods of strife.

Now, 17 years later, I am able to project almost any time (while in early waking/sleep). All I still feel fear and move around in a very clumsy manner. I went through a period where all of my "travels" were happy and almost liberating.

Now I'm in a period again where it happens with no control. Also, these experiences are terrifying and dark. I have also been having very dark dreams for the last few months.

I've read a few books on astral projection as well as "lurked" on a few boards. I would really just like to learn to control this or dismiss it entirely from my life.

So here is my question; are there others out there who have had a pattern similar over such a long period of time? Just a side note, my life is very stable and happy right now so I can't really write it off on being because of issues in my life. I have however, felt the need to discover more about the world around me past future present etc.

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sidnac (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-28)
Thank you Show_me. I will try asking for help as you have suggested. Thank you very much AnneV. I listened to your interview and it made me feel reborn. I relate to the taboo comment because all though I am from asian background we are very american. I have family members who project but only one (a sibling) who will talk with me about it. I'm very interested is using my will power to help me achieve more. If it is truly not intrusive I would like to contact you via email. I really would like direction and help getting out of the mucky muck I have been stuck in.
Show_Me (guest)
11 years ago (2012-04-26)
AP is so cool! I have done this before. It takes great concentration. I usually meditate and clear my mind. You draw more energy or power by meditating and clearing your mind. Close you eyes and relax. First it's all feelings that come first. Then you start to see the real stuff. Like the movie Insidious, it is scary but it is not like that. Before you AP, ask for protection on your journey. I can see the past, present and future but unfortunately I am not at that level yet. This gift is can and sometimes passed down from parents. Mine was heredity from both my parents side plus there is a phrase called "chosen." I am sure if you ask for help from your angels they will help and guide you. I have my angels help and guide me when I AP. I don't know about other cultures, but my angels guide and educate me plus protect me from evil.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-04-25)
I can't sort out if you're conscious during your travels. If you are, you should be able to will yourself to a different place that is not so dark. I don't know if you happened upon my sister site ( but there is an advanced guide for projectors there. I too have been projecting off and on over the last few decades (I'm 46 now), which lead me to writing about the subject in the first place.

The key to projection is will power. Did you know you can time travel? If you have a strong will center and a list of places/people/things you want to experience, you should just will yourself to them. You don't need a map or coordinates just the desire. For example I wanted to go to the moon for the longest time. When I finally projected I started to "fly" in that general direction but this was taking too long so got frustrated and just simply willed it and poof, there I was. Then there was the lottery (proof that time-travel exists) but you can read that on that other webpage or listen to an interview I did (link below). In summary, we don't have to be just helpless bystanders but can ascend to higher planes (coming back here is difficult after this), time travel, talk to the mind of others, visit other planetary systems, meet non humans, heal even.

Feel free to write me privately if you wish at eclecticraven (at)

You can also listen to an interview I did here on the subject:


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