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Psychic Dreams Of All Sorts


All my life I've had an intuition about people. For instance-I can tell abusers just by looking them in the eye. I always follow my intuition. Intuition is very normal for me, but the problem I'm having of late is psychic dreams. They are very vivid. Regular dreams are not vivid and can be explained by something going on in my life right now. I started keeping a journal of them-the vivid ones that I have been able to differentiate between "just a dream" or possibly psychic dream. As I see events unfold a day later or a week later and they correlate with the psychic dreams. I haven't been able to interpret the exact meanings until after the actual events have unfolded, which leaves me slapping my forehead and thinking why didn't I understand that?

I have dreamed about people I haven't met yet, a tragic loss regarding a pet, and a deceased little girl who loved her family and wanted them to know, and had one last night of some sort of celebration that's going to be very last minute and my aunt apologizing for not being able to be there for me when I needed her. I have no idea what this celebration is about or when it's going to occur. I keep calling it a celebration but it's more of a get-together among family, very last minute and unexpected. The mood was not good-it was stressed and quiet, which has me a bit worried. It was very vivid, right down to the cost of a not so good cheesecake (it's going to taste as cheap as it is LOL).

How can I develop this so I can have a clear understanding of what is about to unfold? I'm thinking maybe I could use this to prevent something tragic or to help people, but I don't know anyone who has experienced anything like this or where to go for help. I tried talking to my mother and it gives her the creeps and she does not want to hear if anything bad is about to happen. Any advice?

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