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Empathic And Clairaudience Occurences Making Me Ill?



Although it says to avoid saying you need help, I feel that I do, and are not sure where to turn.

When I was a child, I would frequently get high fevers that made me delirious at times. So high, in fact, that at 2yrs old, I nearly crossed over. Everyone in the family remembers the night I was talking to God, telling him I was going 'home with him.'. I don't remember this, but my father was told by a voice to check on me (he has clairaudience, but refuses to do anything with it).

Throughout my life, I've experienced things outside what society would recall normal, but only lately have they overwhelmed me. I would dream of things happening before they did, people that crossed, giving me messages, dreams of childhood homes that had a spirit to them, hearing my name called, or voices that no one heard, that sort. Even now, the premonition and ghost dreams feel radically different than my other dreams. I KNOW it's them. My sis and I would play a game, seeing if I could sense what she was thinking, and I was always right. I saw nasty beings in my closet and basement, and to this day, I have a fear of the dark and night. I know it is a beautiful time, my Goddess Moon, and spirits will come in the day, too, I am working on it. I was always dubbed as the sensitive one; I could feel everyone's pain, and wanted to help everyone. I knew, and still know when what people say does not match their words. My family has a history with these things, and it was normal to us.

Then, there was a period when I can't recall any occurrences, either the empathy got too much, or I shut down. There where a lot of things that hurt my spirit, then I became ill. For 12 yrs, I've been in and out hospitals, etc., with chronic conditions. I won't bore everyone with the details, but I was diagnosed with stage IV Endometriosis, severe Intersitial cystitis, and fibro. MY ear drums both busted when I had mono 10yrs ago, and I thought my ear issues were from that, but the more I read. I don't think so. I also had a head injury that seemed to open the flood gates 3yrs years ago, too. My hearing is VERY sensitive, like too many sounds at once makes it hard to concentrate, or loud noises make me shrink into myself. Beyond that, I can hear faint voices when I falling asleep. Like conversations just out of my range. The side of my head tingles, and there is pressure. Then, there is ringing and buzzing, and other things no one else hears. Songs, voices, hints appear in my head that pertain to the situation at hand from nowhere. And the migraines. None tell me to do harmful things, or tell me I'm 'winning,', so I am sure it is not a mental disease. I did hear a not so friendly male voice, once though.

I don't want to drone on, but I want to give a clear picture. When I read the empathic descriptions-it is me exactly. My living situation is toxic, and it effects my health. I'm afraid I will never get better, dealing with everyone's emotions, on top of my pain and emotions! It feels like a flood, like I'm being hit. I can't watch the news, or I'll never leave fetal position! When my mom is upset, I cry; dad yells, then I'm angry, but I know that it's not me. I can't stress how severe it's been. My mom wants me to leave it alone, though. There has been more psychic activities, paired with the diseases, and I've reached a breaking point.

I had a violent dream of someone famous-ish committing suicide, only to wake up and see it online. A dream of my niece of a car wreck, then the next day, I'm sure you can guess. I can feel things in my house, although I set up protections and did banishing rituals. I don't see things with my visual eye, it feels like my third, or when I close my eyes. I saw a very harmful, scary image of a girl in my basement 2wks ago. She screamed in my face. I believe she was attracted to the negative energy from my parents arguing, and I somehow missed her. I don't feel she was ever human, but I got scared, and immediately banished/had my totems chase her out. My parents freaked. They recall me seeing things as a child, and the stories, but can't handle this. I'm 28 btw, but have been unable to live on my own. Then, 2 nights ago, I saw a male spirit walking through the house at night, clearly talking loud. No one else heard. Yes, I cleared the house as best I can, call my guides, etc.

I don't always protect myself as I should, and the symptoms/gifts/traits have been getting stronger. Half of me is excited/blessed, and wants to learn, and feels like this is what I am supposed to do. The other half that is also getting sick of the empath stuff and dealing with others issues, the endo and cystitis are flaring and very painful (stress is a trigger), and family drama. Honestly, I feel very depressed, and cannot figure out how to live with this pain. I don't want on drugs, I am afraid I will lose touch with my gifts, and it won't solve the diseases, anyway. I feel lonely and helpless. Before the head injury, I could feel the Goddess and my guides, now I can't. I really need help.

Am I crazy? Is everything in my head, the physical pain too? I know I am not evil, so please don't give me that. I don't know how to deal with all these issues without family support. Somewhere in me, I feel I need to honor what She gave me. I've wanted to hone them for years, but the other stuff makes it difficult. Going into crowds is torture, feeling everything, but my house is more stressful. I don't know what to do or who to turn to. Please, I don't need nasty comments, or Jesus-y commands. If my guides are here, I can't feel them. I know my totems, but only see them in the Otherworld. I can't stress how down I feel. I feel restless and lost. I don't mean to dump on everyone else, I have no one to tell these things to.

Half of me feels like I could be am amazing healer, the other just wants to give up.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-10)
If you're getting sick and feeling uneasy, then maybe your Godess and spirit guides are not measuring up to what they say they are, and your spiritual practices are attrcting bad spirits and bad karma to you... I have the answers for you, that will CERTAINLY WORK, but you said you don't want preachy advice... So i'll have to let you suffer by yourself, until you find a way out by yourself, since you're so stubborn and self righteous, and you think you can fix this by yourself LOL. I'll only give you a hint: you have to change your spiritual and new age practices, that have opened you up spread eagle- wide open, to just ANY spirit in the universe! (And reiki will open you up MORE!). I think you better close some doors, and open up some new ones, that are safer and proven. That's all I can say, because I feel like i'm talking to a brick wall... But things will soften you up, and make you BEG for a way out... And sadly, "beggars can't be choosers". Good luck!
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-10)
I won't tell you about my experiences, or give you any preachy or cheesy advice, because who am I anyway?... I will refer you to people that dabbled in new age practices, had powerful spirit guides, astral travelled etc, and were DEEP into the occult for DECADES! These people "been there, done that" and KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT, when it comes to spirits and the supernatural! If that's what tickles your fancy... They wrote mind blowing best selling books, that you can get from The book titles are on my PROFILE page. Good luck!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
willowsong, of course I will still talk to you. My normal email account (eclecticraven [at] is having issues right now so I just created a new one at annemoss65 [at] and am going to migrate when my other one is unlocked. Feel free to write if you care to.

You are amazing! I'm glad you see that. I too enjoy tarot cards and find them accurate for me as well.

I think if we all waited for our family to improve, we'd be waiting a long time! I love mine the way they are and accept that we are all on the same ladder with the same destination. Rushing others to evolve is like demanding a first grader jump to college. They have to be in first grade or they will not understand second, third and so on. Whose path is less perfect than our own? They are exactly where they need to be, just as you and I are.

Be well.
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
I can help you to banish the bad spirits who are haunting you. I learned this from a supra natural practitioner in Java, Indonesia. This land I'm stepping on has tons of history of spiritualism and men who are known of their monstrous inner power (chi/life force).

If you have never encounter people with monstrous energy within them, let me give you a picture of it. The guy who has monstrous level of energy can easily bounce off 12 people who have negative intention towards him with a single slap to the ground.

Well let's get back to the main topic. I've read that you are afraid of the dark since haunted by bad spirits. As far as I can remember there are 3 types of races in spiritual realm: demon, satan and devil. And each of them has their own job within their world - TO TEMPT PEOPLE. Not every of them are bad. Those who tempt people are the bad ones and good spirit will never ever show up or interrupt human.

These being do this because of several reasons, those who harms human to death has the need of a friend. Those who show up to human has the need of entertainment because it's funny to them that human are scared. Be brave buddy:)

Do not think I know everything about their world. These are just information I have gathered from the supra natural practitioner. He is a man with great faith and able to infuse a spirit to a medium's body (different spirit has different character).

Sorry for this one but I have to tell you even though my religion is spiritualism and not any other way around. In human language you call your creator God, Lord, etc - but in spiritual realm they call their creator 'The Prince'.

Many people question the existence of God. What I can say is this... Listen carefully big key here "Do not ask human. Ask those beings who live at the same dimension as The Prince". Human are clueless with this the existence of God because we ourselves are unable to see God. People who can shift dimensions are those which all their 6th sense (subtle: taste, touch, hear, smell, feel) had been awakened. These are all subtle senses that any human has but dormant. Too much into technology = Weaken your psychic and spiritual antennas.

One spirit said that their senses are far more powerful than human and their age can reach 1000+ years. The hell with that! 1000+ years I want it too! Hahaha but impossible T_T no one in the physical ocean is immortal.

An interview with a spirit by supra natural practitioner Hakim (his name). "Our beings likes and only tempt those people who do not have faith. And we are unable to tempt those who pray for protection because their body emitting shiny white light that burns us. And we fear of them."

Do me a favor for the sake of your own damn good. The next time before you go to your basement, say this in your mind with sincere heart to The Prince "Prince, please protect me from any temptation of bad spirits". You don't need to visualize anything. Just say this word with sincere heart and believe it.

Bad spirits that wanted to tempt you will be burn. Have fun with fried ghost! Hahahaha!

Extra information:
Dead people cannot communicate with human. Human souls have had their own place and no longer belong to this world. If you encounter someone possessed by a demon and say that he is a dead person from an accident bla bla bla years ago. Big key here! This bad spirit is testing you! Just laugh and say "Really? As what I know a dead person cannot talk to a human". And you will soon watch them smile, buddy.

I hope these information can make your life to a better day.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
Many people have choose certain religions, or families
To help them, or just to align to a certain energy:Dna
Psychic ability that runs in your family.
It actually has to do with working with Vibrations.

Also exiting an area were two individuals are
Bickering in anger is quite detrimental to our
Chakra centers. Even when we are able to just be
An, Observer it can actually close down one or more
Chakra centers.

Shielding is actually very helpful.

You do sound as if you have not actually aligned with the body.
As AnneV mentioned looking into a past life or previous existance can be helpful.

Root chakra and fevers are natures way of saying, "there is an infection". But infections on a phyical level have to do with immunity system.

Individuals with higher vibrations in most of the world will have problems due to the food source: GM foods.
Even 10% of Organic food heavy pesticides.
So you own open is either use Organic food.
Or use a Veggie washer to take off most of the pesticides.
Additionally go to a large heath food store and
Check into supplements that support and build the
Immune system, such as: Digestive enzymes, Acidophilus
Plus, Bio-Glucan, spirolina. Vitamin B and C's which are water
Soluable and can be use in large quanities with no
Side affects.

I actually went though a bought and I thought! Am I going to wind up in the Hospital.
I kept getting chest infections and my glands at the
Back of my throat would be come inflammed at times
I would strep throat.
At one point I was so tired, all I could do was sleep.
Only to progress and feel worse.
This had been occuring over two years off and on.

I had to use some of the items I described plus slipper elm to work on my stomach. With two different homeopathic remedies at different times.
I stayed away from caffine to help build my
Immune sytem. Only using herbal teas as dandalion,
Mint, or ginger.
Strangely enough it took a few months.
I also use hold and cold therapies stimulate the
Liver, stomach and toward my feet for two weeks.
I was completely shocked by recoving.

And I am back on track, I still use additional
Supplements, and do my best to eat whole foods.

I started connectting with Channeling and I only see
This as opening up my vibrations futher. And it appears
You are connecting in channelling yourself.

By the way! Yes, I did go to my Gp and get seen off and on
And obtained a chest x/ray and blood work.
fight4freedom (2 stories) (40 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
Through the energy we manifest the future, whether directly or indirectly yes it could have been what was making you sick especially as a child. I'm going to compare chakras to well drains, when everything is working the right way it all flows just how it should, but when we can't cope it plugs up the drain causing the energy or water to just sorta become stagnant and build up until it spills over. Imagine what that could do to a child or even an adolescent to an adult. And with empathy it doesn't help that you're able to sync with everybody's wavelengths so you're taking things in constantly unless you've learned to filter it out.

I wish you the best of heath in the future.
willowsong (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-28)
I completely agree with the thought is energy/creating our realities... Hoping you still will talk to me, I will say I consider myself wiccan/buddhist, earth/spiritual centered with heavy interest in eastern ideals. That kind of thinking is central to my spirituality. I also read tarot cards, and although i've read negative feedback about them, it is always accurate for me. I guess it is a way for the guides to channel through me, I don't know. Anyway, I read my family now is new to me, they all traveled together through lives, but I'm new to them. Makes sense, with all the trouble I have with them... I do trust my readings, so maybe i'll read when I feel stronger about the past lives issue.
I found the fevers thing very interesting, too. The last high one was 10yrs ago, and I heard Mandarin conversations all the way to the e.r! No clue. I feel glad I found you, I felt very close to despair. A friend told me that perhaps I chose this life to raise awareness and vibrations of others. I began seeing swirls of color around loved ones yesterday. Not auras, but in certain areas of them. I also astral travel.
I read all this gives my aura a stronger light than others, that beings across the veil will be curious. Wicca doesn't buy the good vs evil thing; we believe nature doesn't work like that. Anyway, we do believe in harmful entities, and maybe they are feeding on and adding to this self-defeating crap. I really don't value myself, love myself. But I re-read my entry, and list the other things I do, and it makes me feel like I'm kind of amazing! 😁 I can't keep wishing for my fam to be anything other than they are, I have to create my own support group. I hope I get the hang of some of this in this life, so I don't have to do it again... I also wish I could be my real self without ridicule. Another day... Thank you for responding again
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-28)
Willowsong, you are heading in the right direction. These things can take lifetimes so sometimes we have to be patient with ourselves. I agree, learning how to set boundaries is a must for an empath. Think of your energy like currency, how are you spending it? I put many people before myself but only to a point. We are only good to others if we take care of ourselves. Without health and well-being, then we are only offering a crutch to a crutch. Boundaries are about self love. The more we love ourselves the better we can in turn love others.

I was thinking about your statement about having fevers at such an early age. One of the topics Barbara Brennan covers in her book is children who are born with etheric template issues or the fact they simply find coming to this plane either too difficult or the spirits they left behind are still attached. Though a "baby" is just a "baby" that's only in earth terms. They are sometimes still linked to pre birth family. I'm sure a very good hypnotherapist could probably help you retrieve some helpful information in that regard. Or deep meditation.

It's okay to question your old beliefs. I was raised Catholic and saw through much of that about the age of nine. It was just too contradictory, limiting, and fear based.

I rarely argue with people. What is the point? It's usually some ego based mind trap. So what if we all have different opinions? Everyone is right to the degree that their lives do reflect their beliefs so their reality is true to themselves. A person who thinks life is bad will have a bad life and be "correct". I just read a post here about a week ago from a young adult who said, "I find that people are generally bad." And guess what? He will attract the very thing he finds true and reinforce his belief and will fight the cause to the end. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality and make us "right". So we can chose to create a positive life or a negative life. Life is only a mirror in so many ways. Change our thoughts and we change our lives.

I hope that today you can find some nice time to yourself. I myself am sitting having some coffee with my two dogs in silence. Good stuff!

willowsong (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-27)
Thank you for responding... Walking barefoot is one of my favorite things, haha... I heard being near water, or running water (a stream) is good for us, so I try to do that a lot. Boundaries was always an issue for me, so I think empathy is finally forcing me to deal. I know I need to remove my fears, too. They are unnecessary and block development. NOT arguing with anyone, but I will say the religion/beliefs I grew up with contradict with my gifts, ideas, experience, and I think sometimes it creeps in my mind. I sound confident now, wait until tomorrow...
Bought the book on Amazon, thanx. I'm looking into Reiki, and bought chakra healing music last night. By protecting myself, I meant grounding, centering, and visualizing, but I really don't have a good excuse for not doing all time. I just put everyone's needs before mine.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-27)
There are many here that can relate to your condition. I personally do not go into crowds, watch tv and am an expert on extracting myself from ego based drama relationships (I simply refuse to be part of them). Empaths should endeavor to live quiet, natural lives, preferably in a rural setting. Most are not this lucky and then have to subsequently deal with stress on numerous levels.

It sounds to me like you've got some seriously blocked chakras. Being an empath is one thing but the inability to cope can also be a leaking, torn or closed off chakra. I can't recommend high enough the book called, "Hands of Healing Light" by Barbara Brennan. I have perfect health but still continue to re-read it to this day because of its amazing detail into how our aura and chakras work, how to fix them, and so on. Run, don't walk, and get yourself a copy of this book! You can probably get it for free at the library.

Being isolated in a world that shuns nor understands sensitive people is indeed lonely. We do have the good fortune though of having the internet. I'm 46 now but when I was young there was no internet nor was there any metaphysical material available to me like there is now. So at least you and I have that.

If you can, seek outdoor activities like walking through a park. I'm fortunate in that I live in the country on acreage but I do know that the earth has healing properties (as does natural water, crystals and organic food). Get barefoot and walk on the ground. Pull that energy up to you.

Bad health is very debilitating. I comprehend your suffering. I wish I could do more.

We are always here for you.

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