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Gutt Feelings And Dreams


If having gut feelings were not enough, some of my dreams have told the next day. A friend's granddaughter born by c- section, my sister's baby being born bigger than mine, I would be written up at work, several psychic dreams- it's sometimes hard to interpret their meaning. Oh, dreams don't count? There are dreams with no meaning and there are "the real dreams"! You really don't need an interpreter if your dream happens the next day! But, you still get creeped out!

Creeped out, but I believe it saved my youngest child's life by telling me if I didn't check my van out he would be hurt in a car accident. Three times I dreamt of my three year old being hurt in an accident in my van. I couldn't stop!

My husband was ticked when I refused to drive our son until he checked our tie- rods! When he checked them he admitted they were REALLY bad! They were replaced, and my dream subsided! This was after I had just a bad gut feeling going to pick up my children from dad's house, my current spouse realized I was distressed and offered to drop me and our two kids off at home/ he would pick up my kids alone. On his way back home from picking up my two eldest, the two vehicles behind him disappeared, and later we found they were in a bad accident!

These gut feelings I get usually mean something, and sometimes my dreams, but dreams are not always true! Gut feelings are more accurate, but when you don't know why you are getting them, it's kind of scary. The unknown usually is!

I hope to figure out my gut feelings and dreams someday, they are only getting more persistent!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
If it there is just one thing my girls
Learned is listen to the your gut instinct.
When the riots of Rodney King transpired.
My eldest wanted to go to Magic Mtn that weekend.
I told her that she could not go and if
Anything was going to happen it would be there.
And low and behold her best friend heard a
Gun go off and almost got stamped on the
Confused mob of teenagers.

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