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Very Worried About Hospital Mortuary Experience


Last week I supported my mother at whangarei hospital, her op went well, and we were able to leave hospital the next day.

Mum wanted to keep her tonsils that were removed, we were on level 3 we went to level 2 by elevator to laboratory, but could not take tonsils, yet as they hadn't been tested yet, We got back in the elevator, pressed level 3, walked out of elevator, looked around, realized that somehow we ended up on LG lower ground, at the mortuary, (no one was waiting to get in elevator, LG was not lit up on elevator buttons). I made a quick joke, that oops we are at a dead end part of town, ha ha, but right that moment I felt the building collapsing in on me, like an earthquake, I was looking at the walls, nothing was breaking, or moving, it just felt like the building was moving around me, like a vortex, I grabbed my mum's arm, saying, I'm going to go mum (faint) hold me. I'm not sure exactly how long this lasted, as it felt like I was in a movie for a moment, my mum was concerned and asked if I was alright, but I was unable to explain just what happened to me, I was so stunned and off balance I felt shaky and terribly nauseated for a while after. I have thought a lot about this over the last week, trying to making sense of this. I have told this story to a few people and no one has any thoughts. I have since become aware that I am a highly sensitive person, with incredible and intuition

Can anyone shed any light on what happened to me please.


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Tera (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-23)
cazzsa, I can see both sides of what you and those who've already commented are saying. This is a popular way spirits 'communicate'. Sometimes they don't know how to talk, and so use feelings like this to show instead.
Annasayshi has a point with the freaking out about winding up on a strange floor, but I don't think it's altogether a psychological issue.
Anyways, it's nothing to be worried about. If it wasn't anything with a spirit, that was a really weird elevator ride. If there was a spirit there, they were just trying to communicate, and you needn't worry. Next time something like this happens, you can try talking to the spirit, try to communicate back. Don't worry, as long as you set up some blocks, they can't hurt you. And being so long ago, don't stress about it. The easiest way to drag something to you is to constantly think about it.
annasayshi (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-23)
AnneV has mentioned the material reason for your feeling, but if it was a psychic experience, it might have been you sensing the spirits of the bodies that are and have been in the mortuary and there's a chance there were a lot of them in there.
I think it might also have been psychological, I know I'd freak out if I discovered that I mysteriously arrived on a level with a bunch of dead people around me...
Anyway you definitely know this experience better than me, so the choice in what to believe is up to you.

Take care
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-23)
Hi AnneV is right!
What is affected in our Auric body. This is known
When people travel on aeroplane also trains. So the aura is pulled behind the body.

Symptoms: feeling faint, rung-out, exhausted, faint,
Nausea has affected the physical body. In your cause the aura would be dragging downward, or upward in excess in relations to the movement of the elevator (aka: lift).

In essence it is if there are two of you, and the Aura part is not surrounding the body properly, if
You saw it. It would appear stretched out not porportioned.

If you ever get that experience you should do some grounding and balancing which will help level your
Energy centers to balance and allow the human aura to
Fall in a correct position.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
Not to take the zing out of your potentially paranormal experience but with all that elevator riding you may have just lost your equilibrium. As you yourself stated, you were unaware of which floor you were on so mentally projected one thing and physically experienced another (technically, our bodies aren't meant to ride up and down in a box!). I also know from personal experience that riding up and down elevators makes me lose balance and even feel a little light headed.


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