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Feeling People's Energy


First of all I am 20 years old, for as long as my memories go back I have always been sensitive to any living thing, my first encounter was a dream I was sleeping and all of a sudden in a dream tons of spiders were falling from my ceiling and crawling on me it was so real I was screaming I swore they were on me everyone thought I was crazy but sure enough the next day there was a spider in my mom's car and she didn't believe me until she saw it herself I just said maybe that is a coincidence.

The next dream I had was of me in the back seat my mom driving and my brother in my passenger seat and a bike cut in front of my mom's car and she almost hit the people on the bike. I says about a couple months later the exact same people I saw were on the bike and my mom almost hit them at that moment I knew something was up but who would I tell I'm a kid they are going to think I'm crazy. My next experience was another dream it was on evil one about my dad had an evil twin and he was holding us hostage at this house and I remember every room from the dream about a year later we move into my uncle's house that he owns which I have never seen before and sure enough it was the exact same house in my dream and 3 months into living there I had the same dream and just couldn't believe I had this gift I think my dad having an evil twin symbolizes his evil half of him, because we got put out of the house because my cousin told my uncle that owned the house my father showed him p0rn when he was just a little boy and he also showed it to my brother and little girl cousin when they were young too and yes I have always know something was wrong with my dad I can feel his weird energy all the time and it makes me feel awkward.

As soon as I meet a person I know whether they are bad or good right away, I knew my mom's best friend was a bad person but did not want to tell her that because she was the happiest she had been in years we known him since I was I think 12 and I always had a bad feeling about him but he treated me as his daughter but I knew he had an underlining agenda and sure enough when I was 17 he touched me I felt dumb for not listening to what I already knew but I wanted to give him a chance but most recently I have had sightings me and my boyfriend were driving one night and on the left hand side of the woods I see a mist of smoke and tell my boyfriend to speed up before he hits the deer and I turn back to see if the cars slowed down to let the deer cross I really thought the mist was a deer but it wasn't and my boyfriend said he saw nothing that freaked me out I have never seen anything while awake but just this morning at around 3:53am I feel someone holding my hand and laying with me while I was sleeping and it felt exactly like my boyfriend he is very skinny and this person felt the same I open my eyes and see a shadow and the persons hand on mines and they say baby I love you I close my eyes and still think its my boyfriend in my head I was like he supposed to be at work and how did he get in my room maybe through my window then I realize it can't be him and I try to get up and open my eyes and the shadow looks like a holograph like going in and out and I have a fan on but as soon as I tried to get up the noise of the fan became muffled and loud in my ears I couldn't hear anything but that, I called to check if my boyfriend was OK and he was so I don't know who that could have been.

It's very hard for me to go out in public I can feel every ones energy and I feel as though bad things are going to happen just recently there was a killer on the loose in my neighborhood and I didn't know because I cannot watch the news it overwhelm and depresses me but that whole week I just felt like something bad was going to happen to me or someone around me and I just couldn't shake the feeling then Sunday my father told me there was a man killing people around our area and caught him on our street. Some days I wish I was just a normal selfish person but god gave this to me for a reason to help people and that's exactly what I am going to do has anyone else had any experiences like this before?

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Theanimalchick (5 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
I can't watch the news either becuase of how overwhelming my empathy becomes. Also I am the same way about I know if people are good or bad when I first meet them, I don't always know how to explain it I just know. You are definetly not alone.

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