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I Want To Get The Dreams Back


I'm not sure if my story is even worth reading but it has had a great impact on my way of thinking during my childhood and it has given me many regrets now.

When I was little I used to dream a lot like any other child but sometimes I had very weird dreams, and I've always been afraid of sharing them because of what people might think of me. I was also afraid that they would not understand them the way I did back then and consider them dreams like any other. Dreams about war, disasters, apocalypse (not sure how I should call them, not sure in which category they fit in), but they always involved the sky. Stars falling in certain patterns one after another; asteroids falling on Earth; people with no faces hunting us down. They were very intense I could feel them as if they were really happening.

I remember back then I couldn't wait to see what I would dream next because they were very exciting for an 8 year old girl because I saw them as mere dreams back then and it led me to this hunger to know more about the sky. Unfortunately I wasn't wise enough to keep a diary of them so I can't remember all of them only the most important one and from them only little bits. This is my first regret.

My second regret would be that because having been raised by a poor family and consequently having a lot of problems to deal with in real life, I have lost those dreams. I don't dream anymore. I don't remember when it all stopped but I regret not pushing myself towards these area of dreams a little more.

The last dream I had about disasters was about two years ago (after a time gap of about 15 years of not having any such dreams) and thinking more about it now. It was sort of a conclusion dream. I used to dreams about disasters how they started and how it felt during the disasters but I never saw people dying except for this last dream. It was all so tense and we were all running for our lives of what was behind us (unfortunately I couldn't turn my head to see what it was but it sounded like war to me) and it took us a split moment to realize that we were running towards our death because we entered a force or energy field and at that moment it all exploded the whole earth. The odd thing is that it didn't hurt. It was actually a pleasant feeling of warmth as if this is what we have all been waiting, our heaven.

That was my last dream ever. The reason I'm writing this today is because I feel like I have to tell it to someone and hopefully I won't be ridiculed.

The only thing I wish for right now is to remember those dreams I had back then and to start dreaming again. If anyone knows how I would appreciate it.

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white_wolf (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
It can be done quite easy, but it will bring a lot of responsability. If you ready for that, let me know.
kittykat6 (4 stories) (45 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-24)
It sounds like you have something blocking you. This happened to me once before, too. (For me it was depression that I didn't realize I had.) My advice, find out what it is and try to fix it. Yours might very well be depression too. Emotions and psychic abilities are very interlinked. If you have emotional problems, it often afects your psychic abilities too, and vise versa. Do you have anything that is causing you anxiety or unhappiness? If you do, I would suggest you try to take care of those problems. And also, I agree with AnneV. Try to get more sleep. Your blockage might actually be as simple as sleep deprivation. And about your dreams, I've heard many psychics talking about an apocalypse coming up soon. And then there's also the Rapture to be thought of, if you're a Christian like me. That could very well be how it plays out.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-24)
My dear, if you can, live in the moment. Right now you can start a dream journal (forget the past because that's all it is). Regretting the past will only consume your energy (I like to call it 'currency'). How you 'spend' that energy currency will either deplete you of psychic resources (thereby limiting your dreams), or you can live in the moment and build it up and the dreams will return. Also, if you can and I know this is hard, maximize sleep and try and sleep in on the weekend (or whatever days you have off). You'll be able to better remember your dreams. Keep the journal right next to your bedside and write them down immediately upon waking (even before going potty or getting a drink).

Fascinating dreams. I think you feeling warmth after death is right on. That's what 99% of NDE (near death experiencers) say. At least we've got that to look forward to, even if the world blows up.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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