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Anybody Know Why This Is Happening?


My life has been very weird since last year. It seems like my bad luck is never ending. I found out my boyfriend of a year was cheating, I got evicted, my car got towed, I was being stalked, and I moved in Sunday with my new roommate and we got in a wreck the same day and her car was totaled. The next day, my car's engine died. I get weird vibes a lot, and worry that something is following me.

I've always been psychically inclined. I have dreams that come true, and lately they've been very intense. All of this started happening when I moved into my previous place. It was an old house from the 40s. My mirrors would swing at night and I always felt bad energy in my room and hallway. My roommate at the time was into this stuff and got me into meditating. Most of the time when I meditate I'm shown bad things. It's like something is blocking me from going any further. I think I may have somehow attracted something bad to me while meditating. Because since I started my dreams are vivid and tend to come true- and they're usually bad. I also see this same image when I meditate of two eyes and a mouth that moves. Now my roommate is suddenly going through a lot. The bad news keeps piling on. It seems like everything keeps getting worse even if we try to make things better. Before the wreck, I had something telling me not to go, which freaked me out but I ignored it. Today, two different songs came on that were about death, and every time we tried to leave the house it started raining. 666 keeps coming up on her phone, I keep seeing 11:11 or 1:11 everywhere. If you have any questions please ask. What could this be? Is there anything we can do? Sorry for any error, I typed this on a phone. Thank you.

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Lilylove1 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-24)
Buddha, taro, etc are all from pagan religions, you will only attract more evil with those. Avoid at all costs. The Lord Jesus is all that you need. His name is enough to rid you of the evil spirits. Rebuke them in His name and tell them never to return. The word of God will weaken the enemy's grasp on you, keep praying, reading His Word and rebuking them. Forgive all in your past and repent of sin.
APsychicTouch (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
I agree with AngelicSinger, she wrote everything I would write, so I won't bother repeating.:-) best advice to you, I think. Read that post again and again.
AngelicSinger (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
The number 1 means "watch your thoughts, because what you think will manifest" and 6 means "don't stress so much and try to work towards more positive things."

Obviously, something's trying to tell you to watch yourselves. Not because you did something wrong, but because your thoughts are causing you to have negativity all around you.

When you meditate, and you see those negative images, interrupt them with thoughts such as "I choose to see something positive" or just use your imagination to make the image happier. Don't worry about it not working - worry is what causes negativity. Just focus on things that make you smile when you meditate, instead of seeing prophetic images.

I also recommend learning lucid dreaming - knowing you are dreaming, even controlling and changing the dream, while you are asleep without waking up. This is a good solution to those prophetic dreams. If you can master it, you might be able to use the lucid ability toalter your dreams to be more pleasant and happy.

Overall, don't aim on "there are negative things around me" because you are fueling the fire. Instead, think "I surround myself with positive energy" and do so. Smile, laugh, say something kind. The negative energy should melt away like butter.

Should you do all of this and it continues, you may be the victim of a haunting. In which case, any items you have with you from the house where the mirrors moved - get rid of it immediately, because it could be harboring the essence of the haunting. Bring in a priest or investigator to try and rid you of the haunting.

In all cases - do NOT think about the negative things! That's the BIGGEST message - and error - you need to get right now. Focus on JUST the good stuff. A home-cooked meal, a good book, a happy face, a small rock garden - things that make you happy and at ease. Don't even let the negative stuff enter your mind. Turn off the radio and the TV, play meditative music, and light some incense if it helps. And tell yourself "I now surround myself with good energy" and it will do so.

Come back to me if none of this works.
Dutchmaster (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
I have had some situations like this as well. I urge you to take these steps as a sensitive, and pastor also gave me.

Items: Gold-Silver cross.
Gold-attract's good, good spirits, good hope, good company.
Silver-Repels Evil.
Sage:Cleanses you. Burn it all around you like a bath of smoke.

Things that should never go overlooked, prayer.

Have a spiritual bond with the holy lord. Pray every mourning and every night. Meditation is also VERY GOOD especially if you pray during meditation.

The Muslim and Buddhist religion's are both OLD and have great knowledge of spiritual guidance and strength, both religions focus on meditation and prayer, especially Buddhist OM.

Remember be positive, no negative can come from being positive!

Pray. Asalaam Alaikum, Rastafari
Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
There is a dark entity/spirit following you. In the 40's house there bound to be people who lurk in the house since it is a very old house. Your previous room mate that was with you in in the 40's house must have some how opened a door or provoked spirits in the house (I am not talking bad about your roommate or anything but it could be a possibility).

So since the house is old and your roommate probably did something that opened a door, it lurks around the house and you. When you moved out it came attached to you and pretty much followed you everywhere.

I recommend you find something to protect you. Try looking for good luck charms. Always think positive and no mater the situation be positive in the short and long run.

Like NatrualScience said, seek a Shaman or Native American Wise Women. They will help you banish the evil/bad entity/spirit.

What you can do since you are in TX, is to go to China town, and you go to stores that has Buddhas or Tara (s) they are bound to have charms, stones, gems, or statues to help protect you and whoever is there with you and your house. I'm sure if you ask the clerks, workers, or owner they will tell you what each and every things means in the store.

Hope this helps.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
There is a German Proverb, saying in translation: "There is seldom a bad thing which has no useful or good side with it."
I'd seek the higher meaning of all that bad luck...
And of course I'd also avoid behaviors and situations which attract the Bad Side, including bad company, and seek good, pure surroundings.
If you got some cash at the moment why don't you have a week's holiday somewhere out in nature, where no weird people and possibly haunted items / houses are near, to get your mind and your dreams clear again?
Reflecting upon issues that affects the mind so much will work best from a distance.
You live in U.S. - is there any Native American Wise Woman or Shaman available in your region, for a counseling or perhaps for some cleaning ceremony in that house? But be aware - those "ghostbusters" who do the loudest advertising about their shamanic skills may be the least useful ones, no mater if they call themselves Native American or whatever;-)

But all this, taking a time out or consulting a shaman, may be difficult to you in your situation. I know, and I now say a Lord's Prayer for you. The words spoken by the King of Ghostbusters Himself, Jesus, and recommended for everyone's daily prayer are full of white magic, this is sure. You too know the words, say the Lord's Prayer before you go to sleep and whenever you notice some signs of haunting or bad presence. Hope it will work quickly.

Tosay it briefly:
Be patient and stay put for your daily work and duty if you still have some energy left for self-control;
If you feel you are at the edge of going mad just run off for some days no matter if money is tight or not;
Seek "professional help" if available;
And whatever you do, watch and pray! God's Word is a weapon.
DerekRene (3 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Hello there,
Reading over your experiences it can be the people you associate yourself with that bring darker entities that may attach themselves to you. It could also be something directly after you. Now as for your house a blessing could help you with that problem. If you are a religious person you can wear a religious artifact to help protect you.
I highly recommend (sorry if not properly spelled) you follow your instincts/gut on what you should be doing. Meditaion can help you if you feel comfortable light some incense to help cleanse the area.
bls (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Hi there,
I have a friend on a roll as well. Dont keep attracting it. If there is a "deamon" lurking then fill your mind with positive, hypnotize yourself into a positive mindset and positive things will come.
What I have learned with the clock, I only constantly see those numbers, the ones that are unusually all the same all the time, when your spirit is trying to tell you something.
Try calling on your higher self even
I would say be really aware of all the little things going on around you, you will be guided to a positive change once you seek it.
I wish you all the luck

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