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A Light Saved My Life?


My job requires me to sit for hours at a desk and computer. It is a quiet, low key environment. I often close my eyes, breathe deep, and with no one seeing me, almost start to quietly meditate. When I get in this zone I've often heard "whispers in my ear." Perhaps the correct term is "messages"?

Today I was facing my flat screen just sitting with a clear mind. Not looking or thinking of anything in particular.

Towards my left side, six feet away, is an unused office. With no notice ALL the lights turned on. I gasped and did a mini jump in my chair. I wanted to say, "Did you see that!?!" But the A/P guy and office supervisor were in their own office's. I just had this feeling it was someone making their presence known. Maybe saying hello. I couldn't shake it, though.

Minutes later I grab my things and ooze out the door as normal.

Five miles later is when the horror began. Driving southbound I was cruising along at 55 mph. A car in the other lane wanted to turn left. Behind her was another car. Waiting. Unaware to them a semi was fast approaching. Everything went silent. The semi could not stop in time. Black brake marks were being made. Smoke was billowing taller than the truck. He was jackknifing and also entering my lane. "This is it", I thought. Then a guidance kicked in and I distinctly heard, "You have to get AROUND. Gun it!"

I hit the peddle and maneuvered like I never have before. I zoomed around the cab and made it by inches. The car was still moving quickly ahead. But, I realized I was alive and looked in my rear view mirror and witnessed carnage way in the distance of a truck who couldn't stop. "I got around. I got around. I'm alive."

I broke down in tears for the next 3 miles. Sobbing like I never have before. I know the "light" or spirit that was with me in the office earlier was my protector, a "sign" or perhaps my grandfather who was a retired mechanic or uncle who was an ex-cop.

I've had other instances happen to me which I hope to post. It was actually my first experience of telling my husband of a message. I feared he would judge me. He did not and I hope to share more with him.

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