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Could This Be My Mother?


I'll start this off with explaining I'm 16 and my mum committed suicide when I was 14. I was going through a stage where I was being a terrible person, running away, smoking, having sex. I was also in care because mum could not handle me playing up. Her last words to me where "give me the keys" I said "no" but she is buried with my key in her hand, as this was her last wish. She had many metal heath issues and my birth dad had schizophrenia but I have never met him.

So lately I have been hearing voices. They are not clear but clear enough to sound human, kind of like mumbling. I hear them often from my window, I uses to think they were my neighbors' but then I noticed my neighbors aren't always home when I hear them and my neighbors are a lot louder than the voices when I do hear them talking. I've started hearing them in different places now. I heard them at the cemetery the other day from paddocks next door to the cemetery I was just there visiting my mother. And I've heard them at friend's places at night when everyone is asleep. Like I said, it's always just a mumble, I never known what they're trying to say. If I listen hard sometimes I get a few words, but very rarely and never enough to get an idea of what they are saying it is more like "she" "it" "more".

Also this morning I woke up facing the wall and I felt like someone was staring at me from beside my bed so I quickly turned around because I was frightened and there was nothing there. Could have sworn I'd seen a black shadow but I had just opened my eyes so it could have been my eyes adjusting to the light. I often feel like someone is staring at me but not as bad as this morning.

The voices and the feeling peoples staring at me when I'm alone in a room is really creeping me out.

Help me?

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-10)

It may or may not be your mother, but I do think you are opening to other dimensions and beginning to hear them. Many others have experienced this. Later, you may begin to see faces, full scenes. They may not necessarily be related to you. Sometimes they are just kind of random.

My theory is that we are beginning to go out of body but sort of wander into someone else's reality.

The shadow you saw too seems to be an early indicator of more spiritual abilities. Many who first see shadows eventually begin to see the full person... With time.

So, you are developing. Speaking to your mother might be a motivator for you, although I am pretty sure she's not still ticked at your for giving her the keys. She is in a much better place emotionally and spiritually and has forgiven you. But the prospect of communication can keep you moving toward more development. It's all good. Stick with what you're doing and what you know your mom would want for you.

Isle - Lora

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