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Strange Shadows And White Mists


I've I have always been a very observant person. About two months ago, while I was taking a shower, the bathroom light turned off on its own. The door was locked, so no one would've been able to get in, and since then, that has happened three other times. But it hasn't happened to anyone else.

Around three weeks ago, I was standing in my living room talking to friends, something caught my eye down the hall. It was a misty white shape, and it hovered in that spot while I watched it. About three seconds later, it moved behind a wall, and then shot across the hallway behind another wall, as if it didn't know where to go. After that, I didn't see it again that night.

I have started noticing shadows around my house, and they really look like they're studying me. As I cleaned up my kitchen the other day, I saw a shadow around the corner of my kitchen, and as I looked at it, it pulled back behind the wall as if it was a little kid hiding from me.

I've noticed small bright white orbs floating around on the floor, black orbs on the ceiling, black masses floating around my house, and shadows constantly following me. I took a trip to St. George Island earlier this week, and I was looking at the lighthouse while we were there, and I noticed a man standing in the window of the lighthouse. No one else saw him, even when I pointed him out, and then he just faded away into the blackness.

Yesterday, I was helping my mom (who is a teacher) move her classroom into another room. The school was built on the land of an old school. While I was there helping, I was looking down the C-Wing of the school and saw a large white mass, almost misty, but definitely there. It moved down the hall in one mass. It did not spread out or disperse. Then it turned into the door of one of the class rooms and disappeared. I was too scared to go check it out, so I ran back to my mom's room.

I would think, "Okay, my house is haunted," IF more people than me were seeing these things, but I'm the only one. I am constantly scared in my house, and I sleep with my light on now. I shouldn't have to constantly feel scared. Please tell me how I can develop my abilities, because I feel like they're trying to tell me something. I started noticing them at home, and now I see them in other places. So... What do I do?

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Lilylove1 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-16)
To Imwatched
When my son was two years old I would lay next to him in his little bed to get him to fall asleep. Every night that I didn't, he would cry for me. One night I put him to sleep and I opened my eyes to get up, I saw what is the creepiest thing ever. Hovering over the foot of his bed was a cloaked in white, hooded creature. Where it's face should have been, it was only darkness. Not dark and I couldn't see, but it had no face. I grabbed my son tight and did not let go of him until morning. I know it was only a silly feeling, but I swear that I got the sensation that it was trying to steal him.
He just turned thirteen. I have never ever told him anything weird, but he sees and hears weird things sometimes getting a fearful feeling. This was all without stop until I read a book called "Let Our Children Go" by Rebecca Greenwood. Read it. Rebuke the unclean spirits, you will instantly feel calm and peace where fear once was. Jesus wants all of His people to have His peace. His enemy wants the opposite.
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
LOL! Why scared by the spirits? They're just similar like us human but they are able to shift form to anything they want.

You should be thankful you see them in mists, orbs and shadows they haven't show their true form. I'm not going to tell you their true form because your mental armor is not ready yet. 😆

You know what? Spirit's psychology is even similar like human. The more you're afraid the more happy they are. If you aren't afraid they will be bored. A spirit once told me this "Those weak humans are afraid of me even when I manifest my form a woman. So what will happen if I show my true form which my face is destroyed".

Don't be scared honey. 😆

This is the last message from that spirit which is very honest and memorable admission "If those humans remember their God's name I would be afraid".

What's the name of our God? It's not Jesus Christ.

It's Allah.

But unfortunately every time I chant holy words, I can't experience the disturbance of spirit anymore because they are all afraid when my aura turn to white bright light. They said that my aura is hot and that burns their ear when they hear holy words.

In my own experience, talisman, visualization. WON'T WORK AND DON'T DO THE TRICK. All of these are BS.

We all have God why relying on mundane thingy? Even a spirit told me that nothing in this world have super power except God allowing it.

If every human can see the occult. We will all go to Heaven! Why? Because you know what is happening in the occult world where God, angels, spirits, dead person's soul, occult object live and cannot be seen by normal human eye. So you'd rather choose the good path than the bad. Life could be meaningless so anyone would just do good things and wait for their call to heaven. Devils/satan will be idle, nothing to do.

God is infinite justice that's why our current life is not permitted by God to see the occult unless God let you have his vision which only happen to around 5 out of 10, 000 people. So the one who will occupy heaven and hell can be balance.

Spirit and dead person's soul are not the same. Spirit is another alive being that live in earth but they are occult/subtle/cannot be seen by normal human eye unlike us we are physical. Dead person's soul is also alive being that was human. Human physical body is like a surrogate to experience this life. How can I say so? Once I put a spirit inside a human and take control that body, that same human now have different behavior and personalities. 1/9 of their soul popped out from their body which is the astral soul. If the major soul pop out lol that's a murder because once the major soul pop out, the rest 8 will follow.

Let's go back to setting up protection. Just ask God for one if you don't know how to chant holy words. Or if you want to do chanting, go to YouTube and search for "La illah ila Allah" with the meaning "There is no deity but Allah". Learn how to pronounce it.

I read your article that your eye is sensitive enough to see the unseen. Turn on your aura vision mode. You might see green, yellow and purple around your hand. Now chant "La illah ila Allah". Witness your aura turn to white bright light. Much brighter than shopping mall white lamp.

Just observe religious leaders. They have wings. And usually their aura is bright white light and much bigger around their head.

Before I end this. Spirit usually get mad when they're finally able to communicate to human/inside a human body. They complain "you're disturbing me" "this is my place don't disturb me". Sometimes they cry pretending to be a casualty to test your knowledge about their realm. If you tell them that they're just lying they will smile. LOL. What a good liar.
ImWatched (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-12)
I have had this problem for quite a while but never thought anything of it, but now we have a baby and I would like to know what is going on and if it is a danger to our child. Whenever I am alone in a room, day or night I feel like someone if watching me. The hair stands up on the back of my neck and I just feel uncomfortable, after this happened so many times, I confronted my wife, and to my surprise she has felt this way too. I have woken up unable to move on numerous occasions, I can look around but can't move my body. I and my wife heard a noise when we moved in that sounded like a weed-eater at about 3 in the morning this only lasted for about 5 seconds but was terrifying. I myself have never seen anything but my wife has claimed that she saw a red figure laying in bed where I usually do when she woke up a few weeks ago. Most recently a few of our appliances in the house seem to do what they want to on their own, last night as I went to bed the fan that is fairly new just turned off by itself, nothing is wrong with the fan at all. I understand that some of these things could be electrical and I have an electrician coming to the house next week.
The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that we have a 3 month old baby, and I do not want anything to happen to hurt her. I pray before going to bed most nights, I know not as often as I should, but I do believe in God as well as Jesus, I always pray for guidance and forgiveness when I pray and I ask him to watch over us all as a family. I know this probably sounds off the wall but I wanted to ask you because I would like to know what is going on once and for all. Please email when you get the chance, for I don't know what this is or what I should do.
godpsychic54 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-12)

Thanks for your advice!
Yes, I am fearful of this presence. I don't know if it feels bad, necessarily, but I feel bad for SEEING what I see, because I am a Christian and I have always been taught (by my church, not by my parents, mind you) that it is wrong to see these things. But, I can't help what I see. I just see it.
I would really like to learn to get comfortable or accustomed to these spirits, and I would like to learn how to "feel" what they want me to know, if, of course, they want me to know something. I do think I'll be in contact with you, because things are getting frighteningly worse each day. Thank you again!
fizzlepopbang (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-12)
Hi, my name's Michaela.

Firstly, this is totally normal for you to feel fearful as you first start developing. Because we are going through an ascension of consciousness in 2012 right now, its quite normal for you to be acquriing these talents now. But it only happens if you accept and embrace them.
So it sounds like your house it haunted. Tell me, are you fearful of this presence? Does it feel BAD?
Not all spirits are bad mind you, in fact, most aren't, although occasionally you'll get the bully who wants to cause nothing but trouble. But that's exactly what they are, just bullies. The more fear you feed to them, the more energy they gain. So my advice would be to either ignore it completely, or send out some love and light, which completely counteracts their presence.

What kind of abilities do you want to develop? I could try to help you with these if you want. My email is whitedove29 [at] if you ever feel you need to talk or have any questions.

Love and Light,
Michaela 😆

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