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A Sad Girl Appearing In Dreams Meets After Many Years


About 17 years ago I used to sleep in a room which was full of light coming from the street lights just outside my house. At around midnight I used to see a beautiful girl in bridal costume in my room continuously for 4-5 nights and she'd to talk to me standing and after that she'd leave the room. She did not seem to be a happy girl. 5th night she sat on my bed and talked to me for quite a long time, after a while I just closed my eyes saying it's just a bad dream and I saw her walking away and the very next moment when I again opened my eyes, she was gone and after that she never came back. Now years later, I came across a girl a beautiful girl who has a broken marriage as she was not happy with her married life. She is seeking divorce. Can there be any connection between these two girls? Could I have seen any such girl years before I actually met her? I was neither related to that girl nor related to this present day girl in any way. Present day girl was our tenant for a few months. I somehow feel that this was the girl which came to me years ago with some problems reason being there is resemblance in both the faces. First girl came when she was about to get married and now after 16-17 years later this second girl came back when her marriage is about to break. First girl never appeared happy and this real girl has a terrible married life. Could it not be possible to relate the 2 incidents first one which was about to happen and second one which is happening and the same having been felt happening in future. This girl is a cancerian and they are known to use telepathy also.

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