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Unexplained Gas-like Substance On Chair


To begin, this is not my first experience with the unexplained. However, I had never had another experience that was so close encounter, or terrifying.

It was not even a year ago that I was in my apartment alone. I believe I was baking and watching TV. When I noticed the moon chair in the corner of the room looked what I can only explain to be like a gas sitting in the dip of the chair. No specific shape, just like settled gas. I admit I felt immediately uneasy-that feeling you get when you know you aren't safe- but I continued doing what I was doing, trying to rationalize it must be a shadow (though I knew a shadow in the chair where it was didn't make sense).

Finally I decided I would move the blanket to put myself at ease that it was just a shadow. When I did this the "gas" rushed at me. It was hot and it felt like it was forcing its way down my throat. I remember trying to like close my throat and spit it out and it just kept going into me. It changed my voice. I felt very~ off for the next few hours, not like myself. I also felt scared like I was not alone.

I have tried on numerous accounts in the last year to find a report of something similar happening to anybody and I've come up empty-handed.

If anybody has any insight of what could have happened, I'd love to hear it.

Apparently I need 1500 characters to post this story. So I will tell of the experiences prior to this particular experience, but that stopped afterwards. The first weird thing that happened was the cigarette. My boyfriend at the time smoked and had come over the previous weekend. He had left a cigarette on the floor and though I seen it there under the end table for a few days I had not picked it up. A morning following I woke up and on a shelf that I could see while lying on my bed. And there was this tiny white circle sitting on the edge of the shelf (a shelf I may add that I couldn't reach without a ladder). Curious as to what this was I grabbed a ladder and checked it out. It was the cigarette that was on the floor; perfectly placed on the edge of the shelf. My boyfriend had not visited since and I lived alone.

Another experience was I found qtips on my bathroom floor. Again I live alone, no animals. My mail that I always leave in this particular spot was on the floor when I got back from work one day. It was winter, no windows open.

One night when my boyfriend spent the night, he came into the room and I had him close the door (I like it closed from past unexplained experiences). He did. In the morning the door was open and I asked him if he got up during the night, he said no; neither did I.

My mom got extremely ill and stress was high. At this point, there was a lot of sadness in my life. This is also when things became extreme. I went to my parents for the weekend and came home to my table moved to the middle of the apartment. The windows were also open that I left closed. I mean at this point I was beginning to wonder if somebody was coming into my apartment and messing with me.

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Carisa (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-18)
And yes, these particular incidences were all at this apartment.
Carisa (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-18)
I don't live in the apartment any longer nor was I there even a year. I do not know the history of the apartment, however I got this overwhelming sense that whatever was following me was connected to my boyfriend at the time. I have another extremely terrifying experience with him in regards to unexplained things, which I will tell if you'd like. Like I mentioned I've had numerous experiences with unexplained things since I was, well since I can remember about 7 years old. So unless I feel threatened I generally become spooked but what can I do... These things just keep happening to me.

I also forgot to mention I had asked it to leave one night (prior to the gas incident) and that same night I was working on my laptop and the lap top screen shook, as if the table was moving (it wasn't). About 20 minutes or so after that my half full pop can moved on the table out of the corner of my eye. I looked at it and thought... "Did that just move? No much be my imagination." Before I looked away it moved again and I was certain it was not my imagination. I did not feel threatened at this time.

I came upon this site because I was searching, "Don't feel quite human". It sounds silly to me, but once I found this site and realized other people are feeling similar things... Maybe it is not so silly. I'm not sure what to think, but there has to be more than meets the eye of this world.
So many things I could list:
-Predicting the death of my grandpa
-Knowing who is calling if it's a person I'm close to
-Having survived any incidences I should have died from
-Having this overwhelming sense that I am here to do something important (beyond going to school to become a nurse)
-I can truly empathize with any person in any situation. I can put myself into their shoes, easily. Cry for them, with them, as them.
-Countless experiences I can't explain such as the gas
-Overall I just feel there is something different about me. I feel like a narcissist saying this. I'm not a cocky person, or someone who believes I'm more important than anybody else.

To put it more scientifically... I just feel like I can sense things others can't.

Going over your comment and making sure I didn't miss anything... When the gas rushed at me I wanted to leave so badly. I was terrified. But I did not feel alone, and I did not feel whatever was with me was bound to the apartment.

I did not lose any family members recently.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
Wow, those are quite the list of episodes.

Are all these events in the same apartment? Might the apartment have some type of history? Not sure how long you've lived there but you may have an unseen roommate!

Gas rushing at you sounds terrifying in the least. You're more brave than me. I think I would have packed up and left for good. Throw in the cigaretts, qtip and moved table and it's amazing you're handling this so well.

Most people who break into a residence have more malicious intent than moving a table and altering small things. It appears you've got a visitor. The question is though, is it related to the apartment or you? We all have stress from time to time (sometimes even on a disabling level) but don't generally have poltergeist experiences accompanying that. Sounds to me more like it might be apartment related but I don't know how old it is or how long you've lived there.

Some people try and bless their dwelling under these circumstances. You might also try asking it to leave. Some people smudge or bless the place, depending on your beliefs. On another note, have you lost any family members around this time? Maybe they are trying to make contact.

That's quite the story. Thanks for sharing.

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