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Dogs And Child - What Is Happening?


To begin with I have at different points in my 52 years believed in paranormal experience and not believed. I have has some very frightening experiences in the past few months. I have been woken up by a small boy (not ghost) 3 dimensional and full bodied, he was just looking at me - what was so weird was he did not scare or startle me at all. I just reached out to pull him into the bed with me and he was gone.

Since then I have been seeing a black dog - today was the third time - when I started researching this I came up with Hellhounds, but I have only seen the back of them retreating. Everytime in broad daylight or outdoors in the day time. First time was in my livingroon, the other two was on the road (they were crossing the road in front of me). This was more than a glance it was there for a few minutes - there were no red eyes - in fact I have never even seen its head - only the shoulders, back and tail.

What is going on? Does this have a meaning or is something or someone coming through?

The other thing that is happening is I hear people talking - can't usually make out what they are saying but I know that they are = I can even hear them when I go to look and see if someone came in. Just can never find them.

I must tell that I have lost to cancer - my son in March and my Aunt who raised me in June both this year. Does this have something to do with it? Am I seeing ghost or is this a paranormal thing?

Can someone please help me out? I am getting scared. What does this all mean or am I breaking?

Thank you!

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Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
sab120759... Sorry to hear of your loss. Its not that unusual for evil spirits to do these things. To mess with your mind because of the deaths of both your Son and Aunt. I believe if your Son or Aunt wanted to contact you it would be a pleasant experience for you and leave you with a sense of peace. Since this is not the case and you need a break from the spooky stuff the first step is to really believe that your loved ones are in a better place. This mindset sets into motion the first of actions on your part to be free of the boy and the dogs... Also if you want... The next time you see the black dog... In your mind yell turn around... And if it does again scream in your mind I belong to light and love begone! Evil hates brave.

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