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Just A Dream Or A Premonition?


I'm really new to this so please bear with me! I'm not sure if what I've been experiencing is a dream or a premonition. For the past 3 and a half/4 years, I've been having the same dream. It's me, laying in a hospital bed holding twins after giving birth. I'm holding one boy and one girl; I can see their faces, could tell you what they're wearing and could even describe the room I'm in. I have the exact same dream every time. It started a few months after I had got together with my now ex boyfriend. Though I am not with him anymore and am with someone else, I am still having the dream. To give a bit of background info, I have twins in the family (my Nan's Mum was a twin with her brother, my mum is a twin with her sister and I have two brothers that are twins). I only found out recently about my Great Nan and according to my Nan and my mum the next set is due to be boy and girl (if previous sequences are to go by). My mum has had the same sort of thing; she had an out of body experience when she was having the caesarean for her twins (she was watching the surgeon performing the operation on her) and at the beginning of her pregnancy also dreamt that there would be complications (she ended up having preeclampsia). When my dad was younger he used to dream that he was being chased by a small bouncing ball - according to the medium he saw, this is his third/mind's eye and he could Channel if he wanted to. I don't know if this is something or not, but would welcome any input! I'm still having the dream every so often. Could this mean that I'm having a 'premonition'?

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