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This story started when I was in elementary school (about fourth or fifth grade) and I think it has ended for good in about sixth grade, I am now in high school but am still confused about this experience. I don't know what it was that happened to me and my friends, or why I am suddenly interested in finding an answer once more.

It started when I had a dream about a girl (early teens) wearing a ragged white nightgown that reached about to her knees. She had long black hair that covered her face and gave off a feeling of darkness. In my dream I tried to run away from her but I couldn't move. The dream ended when she looked at me (her hair still covered her face). When I told my friends about my dream I found out that hey had experienced the same dream and we were able to provide the same information and details about it. One of my friends later told us about how the girl had at one point been a friend who visited her, but only she could see her when she did. Later another person (another that only she could see) killed her bit before she died she looked at my friend and hatred flashed in her face and she swore that my friend would pay for failing to save her.

My friends and I continued to have these dreams and hear her speaking to us when no one else could. We would also have moments when we would feel dread and know that she had entered the same room. Desperate to find some way to end this we all started to try to fight back and researched ways to do so. As soon as I fought back in one of my dreams and woke up my sister (who shares a room with me) woke up screaming about a girl in a white dress coming to get her. I was torn, whenever I fought back my sister paid the price.

In the end my friends and I got together and spoke to her. Telling her to leave us alone and to never come back. At first it didn't work, she still sent dreams and seemed angrier than ever. But we didn't gie up and fought back when we were awake so she couldn't invade someone else's dreams. It slowly died off but I still sense her every now and then. I kind of feel sorry for her. She brought this on herself I know, but she is alone and will never be able to have friendly companionship. Sometimes I feel like she is lonely other times I know she is angry about her failure. She mostly leaves us alone only my friend who first experienced her and I seem to still have an occasional dream or sense her.

I know that she isn't good in her intentions because I have experienced her at work. If anyone can tell me what she is (is she actually a demon) or some way to ask her what she wants without her trying to turn on me again any help is welcome. Below is a poem I wrote after I had another dream. I included it because it helps tell the mood of these experiences well. I should also mention that all of my best poems are usually written after I had an experience with a strong emotion involved.

Fading light and darkness,

The recipe for evil,

Bells at midnight tolling, wind and rain rolling,

How can it be safe, safe on this night?

Then she creeps closer, sealing the doom of tonight.

Dressed in tattered white, she is queen tonight.

Tell her otherwise I dare you,

You may think you're safe,

But when you are here,

Safe is only a dream.

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vergil117 (guest)
10 years ago (2012-10-30)
Bumble719- I have had trouble contacting you recently, I think your email messed up. I have not talked to you in awhile. Is all well? My email is biohazardzombie17 [at]
Bumble719 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-05)
I've been considering past life experiences and such to try to figure out why she blamed my friend and targeted us. When my friend saw her die she was pushed into a well by the male killer and drowned before my friend could even do anything to save her. I thought that maybe in a past life my friend helped plan her death or maybe just was frozen in shock and didn't help her like when she died before. I tried to be nice but it didn't help, whenever we asked what she wanted she would smile darkly or approach us. I've never told anyone but my friends about this but I'm glad that I finally did. My sister doesn't really remember the experience much but I know that I'll always remember it. Thanks for your help;)
Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-05)
Was this early 2008 to late 2009? My friends and I had a similar experience, except it involved a lot more complexity including a spirit war and a prophecy. We have hundreds of pages of automatic writes and notes on our dreams and observations. This girl called herself, "Lady" and kept asking for help.

But it might not be the same one. Ours had long black hair but wore different clothes each time, always a simple dress in a light color. I haven't commented on Psychic Experiences for years, and nothing about that experience because it is far too complex, but I just happened to come and login today. Maybe it's fate, or maybe they're two completely different people. Lots of people have black hair like that...
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
I thought of something that you could perhaps try seeing as you do still feel her presence & have the occasional dream. If you could use a prayer of protection that works for you because its what you truly believe in & use that before you go to bed at night. Surround yourself with white light, let it engulf the room. Anything that is not of the light cannot exist in this space & can cause you no harm. Call upon loved ones & the creator to protect you. Ask to be shown what happened to the girl & what it is she wants with you. When you dream you may get the answers. It may take a few nights of doing this before you get any insight. But if you feel her around & still dream of her the probability is you'll be shown.

The reason I suggest this is that's how shes contacted you & your friends up until now. You have to be strong & have boundaries. Honesty of it is in my opinion that she has no dominion over you or your friends & has no right to victimize you as you rest. Sleep is when we're most vulnerable but its also the time spirit finds it easier to communicate. It may be she can't rest until she passes a message on. Or being a spirit from the lower vibrations its purely your fear she wishes to feed on. Using protection & believing in yourself should cancel that out.

I hope this helps you feel more impowered. In the words of Chip Coffey,"No Fear, No Doubt" 😊
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
Woah. Okay so first thing is she said it was your friends fault that se died? That tells you she's no demon. She is a ghost. She's probably very lonely and her life was taken too early. That may be why she is angry. Anyways so my suggestion is that when she visits again do not fight her or yell at her. Instead be nice to her. Ask her why she is there and what she wants from you. Ask her if she needs your help because maybe she wants you guys to fin her killer? Okay that's all I got bye.

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