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Weird Things That Happen While Sleeping


My name is Nicole, and almost every dream that I have had, has actually come true! It's really weird, because I constantly have random moments of where I could just be walking anywhere, and then all of a sudden I feel a "dejavu," moment! It always happens, and I'm kind of scared because sometimes I have nightmares, and all of my dreams actually happen within a 1-2 year period.

Another thing is that, I have moments of which I can think of something before it actually happens, for example who is calling me on my phone/home phone, or if my parents are going to say something.

Another thing that involves my dreams, is OOBE, (out of body experiences.) I am trying my hardest to learn how to control these, but sometimes they just randomly happen while I am sleeping, and all of a sudden I am just floating up above my body! I can't move an inch no matter how hard I try, but I actually feel like I'm fully awake. These are very strange, and a lot of things happen to me while I'm sleeping! I can even hear people talking while this is happening. I don't know if anyone else has had these, but if you have, are you able to control them? I can't exactly control them perfectly, but I really am trying to be able to have them whenever I want, and to be able to stop them from happening.

Also, has anyone ever had an experience in which a dream that they had has come true? Because it's really odd! Also, I really wonder how it happens! Is this normal to happen? Or is it a sign of another sense? If anyone has had an experience like me, please comment below because I really am mystified! Thank you! -Nicole

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Coolcat (1 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-29)
It's ok if you don't understand but this is your gift you should learn to control it, you may not want to use it at all but if I were you it came as a gift. I wouldn't abandon it for the world, you were special and still are if you choose to still be who you were gifted to be then you may be able to help more people in the long run later in life then you thought. Cool cat:)
lihghty (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-29)
It's great to know i'm not the only one that this happens too!
I might email you sometime so we can talk,
-Nicole 😁
CassidyLee (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-23)
Its funny because the SAME things happen to me. The dream thing, and I get weird feelings and something bad happens. And the deja vu thing. AND I've had the out of body thing happen once and it freaked me out sooo bad. If you want to talk you can email me at nickjluver [at] (don't judge the name, I didn't make it! Haha)
lihghty (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-15)
To Onyx_Jill: Yeah, I guess it really kind of is a good thing! 😁
Onyx_Jill (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
Hello, Nicole.

It's nothing to worry about. Many of my classmates have had dreams that come true. It's actually a good thing: You will be warned about what will happen.
lihghty (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-13)
To Saunshe:
My first experience was really freaky, but now I have adapted to be semi-OK with it. Thank you for your input!

To Monica600: I'm glad i'm not the only person going through this! These dreams are signs, which I am agreeing with what you had said. I have never had a OOBE when something had happened like what happened to you, it was mostly just floating above myself sleeping, and not being able to move whatsoever. Thanks for commenting.
saunshe (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-11)
I too am a seer, my first experience happened at 9 years old, I just like you were afraid but as I got older, I realized that this gift is from god you can't stop it and neither should you try all perfect things come from above and don't worry about how you can stop this because you cant, just know that your gifts are from above and are to be used to help others the more you pray and focus on god the stronger your gift will becaome, think of it as a natural thing just like your eyes are a part of who you are so is this wonderful gift from above so use it to help others you won't like some of the things that you see sometimes it can be confusing, my problem is how to develope it more,
monica600 (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
Hi Nicole,
I think I know what you are going through because I also have dreams that come true too. It comes in deja vu sometimes too or I could be somewhere and a deja vu comes and if someone is next too me I know what there going to say next like it was a dream. I also dreamt of my friend's whole entire sweet sixteen this year I knew were everything was going to be too. Now about out of body dreams I have dreams like that in the 6Th grade when I was sleeping in my living room at the time. I was a sleep but my dream I was in my house and went to my bathroom to take a shower when I was attacked by 4 men with evil smiles and black eyes they tried to choke me to death I was very scary cause I was half asleep half awake I felt my real body struggling to get out of the dream and grip but it was hard I could not talk at all but then I closed my eyes and used what ever power I had left to get them off of me then I woke up and took a gasping breath was so scared to even open my eyes cause I knew something was there. So be careful of those types of breams not fun at all but your dreams I never went flying before maybe I did but I don't remember now I try to control my dreams so that does not happen. I don't know how to control my powers to at all one time they were so out of control that my friend got hurt in the process cause a demon got attracted to my energy and used her to get too me sadly: (but my aunt helped me out my whole family has powers by the way so I get help from them. I don't know if this is a sense but can be signs I think:) cause my sister has premonitions too oh also I don't really know how it happens. Hope I helped:D Bye-bye

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