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Strange Emf Reading And Possible Medium?


I've always been overly paranoid my whole life. Each day I get chills running down my spine at random times of the day. Whenever I feel closer to God, I always feel very fearful and paranoid as well. For example, one morning I went to church and felt really close to Jesus, and then when I got home and stepped into my bathroom, I got so scared and felt the need to get out of there quickly.

The other day, my friend John visited and brought his EMF sensor with him. I asked him to check my bathroom and the highest reading that it got was a 4.0. I starting telling him about the feelings I get, and he wanted to check right above my head. At first, it was steadily increasing and got up to a 12.0. I got really excited because I thought it was a guardian angel or something, so throughout the day I asked him to check me. It reached 30. 0 at one point and then it went all the way up to 60! (Please note, he checked all of the areas around my room before checking me and nothing gave off any EMFs. Also, when I was in my chair he held the sensor above my head and it would increase, then I moved away from it and then it went back down to a 0.1-0.0)

My friend said that his appliances don't even reach that high.

A few days later he came over again with his sensor and I decided to try something. At this point, I was starting to notice a sixth sense. I believe I can control how much EMF I can put out. We tested this and I was right! Every time I tried to increase the EMF, it would increase.

He suggested that I am a medium.

Yesterday, when John and I were coming back from an open mic night, it was storming and there was a lot of lightening. He dropped me off at my house, then when driving home, he felt like someone was in my seat. He said he felt a woman there, and at times it felt like a man. I have no idea how he can sense the difference between male and female, but then again I was never into the paranormal, this is his thing. Anyway, it felt like the spirit was trying to touch him but they could not. He said it was because of an herb he had on him.

I was wondering if I may have brought this spirit there.

I want to know what other more experienced people think about this. John thinks my power is developing. What do you think?

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ashlouise1 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-25)
Sorry, the submissions down and I need help.
I went to see a psychic about some trouble I'd been having (predicting the future, feeling spirits) and she told me that I was a medium.
A few weeks later I saw a stranger as clear as day in my room as I was resting. He was a man and I can still clearly see what he looked like. The question is, am I imagining these things? Or were they real? It hasnt happened since but I was terrified. Also, the number 11:11 is coming up everywhere, along with 6 and 9. Thanks
Sadira (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-25)
Thank you also, ReikimasterMystic, and Venus-chan. Thank you for all of your wisdom, it means a lot and I will carry it with me. 😁
Venus-chan (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-24)
All I say is to be very cautious and stay under Father's protection. Stay happy, positive and learn to keep your determination/will strong. Stay youthful yet wise. Look at the world the way you did when you were 5, yet utilize your experience and wisdom that comes with age (if that makes much sense.)

Negative emotions can create things such as a dark side or a mental barrier which cut off access to your abilities.

Learn to communicate with your guardian angel by meditating on your bond and fill your thoughts with love, Father and your guardian. Your guardian is with you 24/7 and loves you very much.

Please stay safe and be careful not to be fooled by demons. They like to trick people into believing the wrong things.
ReikimasterMystic (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-24)
I am 48. I had to go threw so much internal soul searching to finally be able to walk around and feel comfortable in my own skin. Ask as many questions that pop in your head. The same thing used to happen to me the closer I got to Jesus and God the dark evil underlings come to scare you me us innocents to keep you all screwed up inside and away from God. You have more power in your baby pinkie than those ugly ones so look in your eyes in the mirror stand up and strong know we are so much higher and with our burning love light can zap them poof there gone. When they know you know your power they all disappear. Work with your guardian angels and Arch angels Michael will fight your bigger battles all you need to do is call upon them out loud.
Sadira (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-24)
Thank you so much for both of your very helpful responses! Yes, my friend is psychic as well, and he is way more developed than me. One time a random person came up to him in Best Buy and told him that, for a guy at his age (21), his level of abilities surprised her! She has the ability apparently to tell if someone is psychic or not. He has premonitions from time to time about the future.
Anyway, John doesn't think I am anything other than a medium because I do not feel emotions in a room or from other people, and I never had premonitions.

I do experience quite a lot of deja vu, and gut feelings that come true very often.

I also want to share another little story. I'm very into herbs for health and native american magical uses. One day I found a red clover and that night I put it in my bath (the natives put it in their bath for good fortune). I had just started to wash my hair when I felt something very evil in the room. I felt like I was NOT supposed be there. I felt like I had to get out right away or something was going to happen.

Oh and before I forget, it wasn't an herb he was using to keep the unwanted guests from touching him, it was his closed pentagram with six black gems that has been blessed. He actually just gave me one too for my birthday coming up:)
Icookie365 (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
wow, interesting story there. My idea of this is, is you are what I like to call, a "Spirit Magnet" I myself have problems with ghosts following me around. But it seems like when you did the test with the reader and you focused on changing it you were drawing in more and more spirits. I have a couple of questions though. Can you hear small whispers and unclear voices in your head? Also will you suddenly feel a strong emotion? With some more training you should be able to distinguish things and tell what it is. I think its good you can block out because being honest here, you don't know what Spirits you will call... Demons are easily disguised. I think you have a pretty cool gift that is rare. Probably Hybrid gifts. I would say that you are probably either, Medium/Psychic and/or Empath and/or Clairsentient. Hope this helps 😊. Cookie 😁
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-22)
Wow what an exciting story! I love all things paranormal always have. The test you done with the EMF detector was really well thought out. You covered all your base readings before conducting the actual experiment & then began to interact with the meter. Then you took it to the next level by trying to increase the reasing. How validating for you & your ability. It certainly seems that you have an unusually high amount of energy around you that this nifty piece of science is able to back you up on. When you mentioned being dropped off then your friend continuing his journey with an extra visitor (felt right to call the spirit that 😆 sorry) who was in the seat you just left. The fact that he can pick up male & female energy makes me hazard a guess that he has abilities too. However you did say yourself you can't tell the difference as far as gender goes. This could just be undeveloped abilities. Not everyone becomes a medium. There are all manor of genres under the psychic title. You do seem to have a sixth sense but its not easy to tell if your an undeveloped medium by a short story. Your friend however must have good reason to believe that you could have mediumistic abilities. Ask him why he thought that rather than a "psychic" or an "Empath" or a "sensitive" I would love to hear what he says in response. Have you had any other experiences. Visions or premonitions or encounters with spirit? I really enjoyed your story. Sorry I couldn't help you put a name to your abilities just yet.
Light & Love

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