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I am a new member here and wanted to talk about this vision I received. This sort of thing isn't new to me, I am 18 and have noticed psychic/magical abilities in myself since childhood. There is a lot I don't know but I do know some things. I received this vision shortly after my 18th birthday after I prayed to St. Gabriel.

I have received opinions as to what this means but these came from my friends and while I do trust their word, I want to hear the opinions of others like me that do not know me.

I was riding in the back seat of a car. My brother was in the passenger seat and I was sitting behind the driver. I knew the driver well but I couldn't see his face. I couldn't remember a name or anything. Sitting next to me was a beautiful girl that I cared deeply for but again I could not remember her name or face. She was pregnant with (I presume) my child. I fall asleep in my dream and I dream of an incredibly violent tornado. This massive maelstrom of wind ripped up the earth and trees around us and I hear glass shatter.

While asleep I moved unconsciously to shield the pregnant girl from the glass. I wake up outside the hospital in a totaled car. We were in a car accident and I was bleeding badly. I had seven shards of glass in my abdomen and one shard of glass in the center of my forehead. I felt no pain from these wounds and as my brother and the driver explained what happened I asked of the girl. They would not tell me where she went but she was not there when I woke up.

They told me she was fine and very grateful and I left the hospital. (the shards still in my abdomen and forehead) I kept these shards with me for a week before even caring to look at them. They brought me no perceivable pain although I still bled, and when I pulled one out I saw that they were at least 3 inches long. I do not recall what happened next.

I found this dream to be too lucid to be just another dream and if anyone could give me their opinion on this dream it would be much appreciated.

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