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The Empath 2


Continuing from my last post called the Empath, I continue with another realization. As with me being an Empath its gotten to the point where I can literally go into someone's mind and see what's going on through their perspective. A few days ago my friend was hanging with someone that we both knew well. This is pretty weird, but when I feel asleep I and while this event was still happening I went into my best friends mind saw these events. I woke up pretty startled, I came over to her house, she knows about my Empathy and she's seen stuff that makes me believe that she is a sensitive. I told her about the dream and she denied the events and I took this as a weird paranoia I was having. Maybe two days after, she came to me telling me she needed to tell me something important, I agreed to meet with her. That night she told me that me everything I saw was exactly what happened to her the time I fell asleep that night. I was thinking oh my god. The feelings I tapped into also made the rest of the dream besides the events I saw. Now I'm wondering is this a normal thing for an Empath to come across? Or is this some ability that I honestly don't know about? I'm honestly kind of freaked out about the whole thing. Going into people and seeing things is totally nothing I expected. With that it seems something is awakening inside me, like the emotions in people are getting a lot stronger again, considering on making another barrier and now this whole thing on tapping inside of people's minds. That seems a little out there and I honestly don't know what to do about it. If anyone has any ideas on what's going on I'm open to hear it.

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