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Bad Feelings About my New Place


It's been a while since I had any psychic-type experiences - to be honest I thought I'd 'grown out' of them. I'd describe myself as only mildly sensitive anyway: I've seen a few ghosts, messed with and been freaked out by ouija boards, and had various empathic/psychic experiences (have a nasty habit of reading people's states of mind more accurately than they like to be read), but none of these things have been exactly dependable, and could be written off as coincidence/imagination if you like.

However, I recently moved into a new house and ever since have been getting very bad feelings about it. The first time was as we were moving in: I'd just dropped off a lot of my stuff in the house and was walking out of the back door when I got a feeling of dread, like something bad was about to happen. The next day we discovered that there had been a massive gas leak due to the cooker being faulty: luckily none of us had tried to use it, or we could have been killed. I sort of dismissed the feeling I'd had - maybe I'd just smelt the gas without realizing, and my subconscious had given me some sort of warning.

Ever since then I've been having increasingly bad feelings about the place, particularly the front room. I've ended up sleeping in there a few times (I have pet rats in my room that wake me up some nights) and I've often felt like something doesn't want me there, like it's trying to drive me out. I've also heard noises like someone's walking around upstairs, even though both my housemates were in bed asleep. This really intensified in the last few days.

On Saturday night I was reading on the couch as the sun went down, and as soon as it started getting dark I started feeling really sick, like whatever energy had been keeping me going had just been taken away. I felt really washed out, and fell asleep at about 8pm. At first I had a dream about someone I vaguely know who was supposed to have left the country a few weeks ago. I dreamt I ran into him working in a bar with some of our friends, and was vaguely confused as to why he hadn't left the country yet. The next day I found out that he hadn't actually left like he said he was going to, and is actually living in a bar and thinking of getting it up and running again.

Shortly after that I started having what I call waking dreams - dreams where you think you're awake, or the boundary between being awake and being asleep gets blurred - and they got increasingly dark. I remember one in particular where I was walking back to the house at night, and knew someone was following me: when I turned around there was an old man right behind me, and I knew he wanted to hurt me.

I woke up from that dream at about 1am, and felt like I wasn't alone, though I didn't feel scared at first. I sort of let my mind drift without going back to sleep (I do this a lot - it's like my body is awake but my mind is tuned into a different frequency, I can see the room around me and know where I am but my understanding of it is different somehow) and I could hear a conversation between a man and a woman. The voices sounded like they were in the room with me, and the man had a slight Irish lilt to his voice. I remember wondering if someone had turned a radio on (though we don't have a radio). I can't remember what their conversation was about, but I know it came to a peaceful resolution, and I felt happy for them, as if they'd managed to reconcile some difference of opinion or come to some conclusion.

A little later I thought I heard a woman coughing out in the hall - again my feeling was of peaceful domestic life going on around me, as if I were staying in a family home. I then slept for a while, got woken up by my housemate at about 3am, then fell asleep again at 5ish.

On Monday night I got woken up by my rats and went downstairs to sleep on the couch. When I pushed open the front room door I felt like something wasn't right, but I ignored it, assuming I was just being paranoid. I made myself a nest on the couch, but as soon as I lay my head down to sleep I got this overwhelming feeling of fear, like something was willing me to get out of the room. I sat up, and the feeling sort of let off a bit, but when I tried lying down again it was worse than before. I tried everything I could think of to make it go away, but I couldn't shake it, and eventually I just ran out of the room and back upstairs - I really couldn't stay in there. I've been avoiding being in that room on my own ever since.

This probably all sounds a bit weird, but I used to get feelings like these in my parents' house growing up, and saw and heard various things (heavy breathing coming from nowhere, the figure of a man outlined in heat haze, lights pulsing on and off, etc) that made me think there might be something in it (my sister saw a man's figure one night as well, and my mum and I both had very similar nightmares about being trapped in one room that I was always scared to be alone in as a kid).

As I say, I haven't had these feelings for years, and I'm not sure what to make of them. I wondered if I'm just projecting my negative feelings onto the house (we could have died in a gas leak, and now I'm fighting with my housemates a lot, so I guess it makes sense that I don't feel safe there; similarly I wasn't too happy in the house where I grew up), but that doesn't seem sufficient to explain it.

Equally it doesn't seem to be anything as coherent as a warning or a haunting: just a general feeling of menace, like I shouldn't stay there. Not sure what's going on, but I really want to try and get to the bottom of this: after living in a house that felt 'wrong' for most of my life, I really don't want to have to do it again. Can anyone offer any advice about what I can do to make the place feel 'right' again?

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JonathanJames111 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-15)
Hi, I'd just like to add a similar experience I'm having with my flat. When I bought the place, the guy selling it said that the brother and sister who had lived there did not get on. I also met some previous inhabitants - unconnected to the brother and sister - who said there were arguments here. I guess you could say that of any flat.

The guy selling the flat also said his favourite room was a tiny bedroom, that had obviously been a childs room.

In the seven years I've been here, there's been a lot of unhappiness, which may or may not be related to the house, but the little room has a very distinctive feel that is different to the rest of the flat, its just very calm, you can feel it as soon as you go in.

I keep an open mind about buildings absorbing feelings and so on, but its very clear to me that some parts of this flat are less healthy/happy than others. So I'm going to try and investigate some sort of psychic cleansing or a benign exorcism or something.

I'll let you know my progress!

All the best,

Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2008-02-22)
Iphis_rising... If your being haunted there is a reason for it and it will show up in many ways... The ghosts certainly notice something different about you ! And your energy field, Aura and the way it presents itself and interacts with another energy field is just one indicator !
Iphis_rising (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-02-22)
Thanks for the advice, everyone - it's nice to know not everyone thinks I'm crazy! Since posting this story there have been three occasions when the doorbell has rung itself (twice at night, and once first thing in the morning when I was actually looking through the glass of the front door so can guarantee there was no one there). I've decided to wait it out and see if there are any further developments, but a cleansing ritual of some sort might be a good idea (if I can find one that feels right). I'm also staying alert for warnings of any sort, especially after what you said, Gypsy!

Incidentally, the first time the doorbell rang itself I freaked out and went to stay with a friend, who has one of those electric plasma balls - every time he touched it the electricity was attracted to his fingers as normal, but every time I touched it it just buzzed and the electricity didn't come to my fingers (which he said he'd never seen happen before). I'm no scientist, so I don't know what the explanation for this might be (far as I knew human beings are natural conductors of electricity), but it did get me wondering if maybe I'm giving out some sort of energy myself. Does that make any kind of sense?
Gypsy (guest)
14 years ago (2008-02-21)
I had an incident many years ago when I was living in a house we had bought. My marriage wasn't going well and I had a lot of scattered thoughts at that time. What happened was extremely profound in a sense. I was asleep and I thought I was dreaming there were four people standing at the bottom of my bed whispering to each other they were saying you tell her no you tell her then all of a sudden they in unison yelled at me GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. I absoultly freaked out and woke up instantly. A few weeks later I seperated from my husband. The thing is that we eventully sold the house. I never moved back into it. I found out that a few years later a huge tree that was at the side of the house fell onto it and destroyed both of the bedrooms that my children used to sleep in. I can only assume that the good people in the vision knew my children were in danger and were warning me. I took heed of the warning I couldn't do anything else and I am grateful to this day for their intervention. I felt that the people in the vision were past relatives. Yes a cleansing ceremony may work but it could be that there is something else, pay close attention to your warnings visions and naunces of feeling it could well be that you should move to a new home. Cheers Gypsy
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2008-02-19)
PdBlizzard... Wow that's really good advice ! And Iphis_rising do something... Usually when fighting starts among your housemates its a sign that it will start to intensify.
PdBlizzard (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-02-18)
Iphis_rising, what you're feeling is totally understandable. Actually, you ought to congratulate yourself on being sensitive to subtle energies that others may not be able to see, hear or feel. If you learn to focus that ability, you could be a great psychic, medium or healer -- but that's for another post!

While it's entirely possible that the spirits of the deceased can inhabit dwellings, it's not the norm. What usually happens, is the energy patterns of previous occupants can be left behind, long after they've moved out. The negative energy of arguments, depression, physical illness, grief, divorce and more can linger in a space long after the people themselves have departed the space, be they physically alive or crossed over.

The good news is that you can cleanse the living space with a variety of methods. It involves a ceremonial activity combined with your focused intent.

You can use sea salt or kosher salt dissolved in purified water in a household spay bottle or mister, and spray the perimeter of your living area. If it's allowable where you live, and your housemates don't mind just a tiny bit of smoke that will dissipate, you can use a Native American smudging ceremony. It involves lighting a ceremonial herb or incense and using the smoke to "cleans" the area of the unwanted energy.

The herbs you can use may be sage (for healing) either common cooking sage, or ideally California White Sage. Sweet grass is used to bless and lavender is used to bring in loving energy. Remember to leave a window or door to the outside open when do this, to give the unwanted energy a place to go.

Any action, undertaken with intention and belief can become a potent ritual. Consider your intention before you smudge and hold it clearly in your mind. You may wish to invite the spirit of the herbs to join you and guide and assist with your intention. You can say something such as, "I break up and release all negative and stagnant energy in this place. May peace light and divine love protect us and be ever present..."

You Google "smudge" to find lots of articles on this process.

You will feel a difference in the space immediately. If you feel any of the unwanted energy lingering or returning, you can repeat the ceremony as often as you like. A good cleansing at the change of seasons is a good preventative measure as well.

The bottom line is, you don't have to allow that unwanted energy to live with you rent-free 😁 Show that energy who's boss and set your intention to move it out the window for good!

Best of luck to you! ❤

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