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Spiritual Or Maybe Insane?


During the year 2010 I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital and my doctor told me that I was experiencing a psychosis. Although, there were delusionary moments I have a strong feeling that what I was experiencing was in fact spiritual. I say this because as of the summer of 2009 I started hearing voices in my head that told me the most incredible stories and that almost all of the time they were not negative, but instead a lot of fun.

Furthermore, I saw energy flowing around in my apartment and I see the same energy sprouting out of objects and people as well. The colors and their intensity have changed over time, since I am taking anti-psychotic medication. The medication influences these experiences in my opinion.

I see subtle aura's everywhere and when I look at clouds I recognize "life forms" and it almost seems that the clouds are somehow dancing together. Furthermore, when I close my eyes I see black and white squares in my head that form a cone into my head. At other moments I have vision of other worlds that are incredible for the most part, but also leave me with many questions.

Also when I look at wood or even at the pavement I see life - kind of like vines and more twirling around. Not as people know life in general, but it seems very spiritual to me.

It is easy to say that because the masses do not experience this that it is crazy, but the way I look at it is that people who are dealing with this are in contact with another dimension or it's the sub-conscious sending a strong message. I feel that many people who are experiencing psychosis are dealing with other dimensions and because of their fear of it and/or the difficulty in matching it with the "normal" realm, they are delusionary. In other words it is my feeling that many of these individuals do not need or do not need as much medication, given that they receive the right guidance.

It would be helpful for me if any of you have any interesting insights, thoughts or experiences. I have already started writing about my experiences, but I am very much interested in hearing the experiences of others.

Best regards

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Gayatrishiva (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-30)
your expereinces are spiritual to me... Guess your third eye is open that's the reason... May be you could try meditation... Mostly we are not using the body's full capacity and meditation does helps in using the full bod y and brain capacity... You can mail me if you want help with meditation and understand it at deeper level.
mat73 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-08)
Thanx for the comments. They have been very useful and I now know that I will have to do more research, but most of all more thinking.
As mentioned I am already writing about my experiences and your positive notes will help fuel my inspiration. I will also be checking the website for additional notes. Thanx again!
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-01)
I believe you! I have seen a lot and been told a lot in visions and dreams and I'm sane:)

There is a documentary called "Wake Up" which is the story of an ordinary guy who one night in a hotel room starts seeing all these visions and a premonition. He thinks he's nuts, gets a CAT Scan done, visits a psychitrist, and then eventually starts investigating by visiting shaman and various religious and cultural leaders... Well worth the watch. Much of what we see is well known, just not in the mainstream of society and certainly not in traditional medical practices, but it's ancient knowledge. The Egyptians knew it and many other societies did as well... Modern society does not see it though because we are obsessed with money, ego, looks, etc etc. There is no foundation for it in schools etc etc.

I have experienced what jezzman describes as quantum physics in action. All very real and I believe it. Essentially my belief is that science (all forms of it including medical) have simply not caught up to what some of us experience through psychic abilities.

A few other good references are:

On You Tube a speech given by Deepak Chopra (who is also a Neuroscientist) called Deepak Chopra Physical Health and Wellbeing - describes recent breakthroughs in medical sciences on the quantum level and explains how conciousness works with our bodies and brains!

The Elegant Universe - part 3 discusses parallel dimensions and how this is pretty much the current theory, they are just trying to prove it, pretty much they can prove it with mathematical formulations but not on a physical level... Yet. Good series though, it aired on PBS' Nova. Simple, not difficult to follow and explains it fairly well. There is also a book by the same title.

I also applaud you for not simply accepting what is handed to you by the medical community and seeking your own answers.
jezzman (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-14)
I had an intense episode of psychic disturbance which happened due to an incident of extreme danger in my life. I came out of my body and to my utter amazement I could see my physical body and I had also "summoned" in the spirit, a good friend (older person, male like me but far more advanced emotionally). This friend "zapped" my adversaries with a lightning bolt, and then made sure I was OK. He touched my heart and I felt light everywhere, time was standing still so it was only when he "shoved" me back into my physical body, with a "popping" sensation, that I realised what had happene was real, my adversaries scattered in fear and I tried to carry on as thoug nothing had happened. The trouble is, something HAD happene, not just through me but also to the "foolish" people around me. I now realise that NOTHING is accidntal, this experience happened for a reason and the others who provoked me were probably just as powerless to change things as I was. Hindsight (15 years) is a wonderful thing:), time is a healer. You might ask "why would I need healing or time?". Well... My life went totally mental after this, I was trying to act like nothing had happened ut the Truth was totally the opposite, I was sacked from work, my psychic abilities became amplified to the extreme (so my thoughts became powerful, broadcasted out to the point where they could cause pain in others). This was a problem since I COULD NOT STOP THINKING! So, my psyche rapidly decended into a pit of darkness, Schizophrenia overtook my usual happ-go-lucky lifestyle and I was sectioned for 6 months. To this day, I have bad dreams, evil spirits are attracted to me and my mind feels like a mus of medicated cotton-wool, I have lost the hard edge of my psychic abilities but I still can feel times when they are powerful. I do not want this, it is a burden to me and something which I have to be responsible in my life towards everyone and everything around me. In my heart, a lot of the pain has dulled away to an ache but there is also a lot of love which I feel is so powerful, to overcome most of the darkness within and without. To be honest though, my main worry is what will happen when I stop taking my cocktail of opiate painkillers, benzodiazepine anxiolytics and sleeping pills. Will my mushed brain be able to handle the rewiring process of drug-withdrawal? Will my spirit be able to integrate with the ineitable psychic imbalance that will arise? I am trying to learn Quantum Physics and similar sciences in depth so as to attempt to explain the spiritual reality I experienced (but can't speak of for various reasons). Physics surprisingly enough, supports everything I experienced, the timelessness, out of body spirit, the dimension I was in, the lightning bolt, the way voices were heard without air (no sound - just energy waves). I don't think I'm mad. I know I am taking on something which could do so, and which nearly has driven me insane, though. I think only the fact that God (as in the Light of the Love of the Truth - the Creator) was opened to me, has saved me. Not only from Satanic dark beings but also from my own abyss of knowledge.
Renaldo (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-13)
I agree with AnneV, My Psychiatrist told me I am dumb, an other Psychiatrists told me I was like a genius. Really strange.

And like AnneV sad: If they can't explain it, it must not be real.

I had a near death expierience, a broken neck. I got saved on time. Maybe 20 seconds and I died. When that happened I was a different person. I could see everything better in a spirtual world!

Don't let anyone tell you that you are crazy, These things are real!

I Always taught I was the only one, It makes me happy that there are more:)
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-11)
It always amazes me on who gets to set the rules of "reality". Most doctors don't know a thing about the paranormal, various realms, dimensions, spirits, remote viewing, astral projection, etc., yet have a hall pass to medicate the hell out of us because if they can't explain it, it must not be real.

I was watching a recent show on near death experiences and one of the people interviewed was basically a brain surgeon. When he "died" he first spent time in some very low dimension but was later rescued and taken to various spots across the universe (yes, universe, not solar system). What he saw, heard and experienced changed his life from that point forward. He basically came to the conclusion that most professionals have no clue about what is really going on with us, the world, and within this universe and other parallel ones. We see and understand but a speck.

There are plenty of lucid individuals that can see auras, energy fields, spirits, inter-dimensional beings, even earth elementals (it was a gnome I saw in my third eye while meditating that told me to play the lottery for seven days and that it would be like looking at paper, which I did after astral projecting on the seventh day and the numbers were not only correct but just like looking at paper).

I think your experiences are spot on. Good for you for keeping an open mind and not just buying into the same regurgitated medical response to anything not written in their books. They'll know soon enough themselves when they too shed their physical shell.


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