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I have this feeling like something is lurking with me. I've recently had a lot happen to me and I'm in a major part of my life where I'm rebuilding from the ground up. I've had psychic abilities since a child, dreams of the future, reading people's intentions, intuition, things similar to that. Does anyone know what I'm "called"? Clairvoyant? I'm not sure. I can also feel people's energy and even connect my own energy to theirs. I assume this is our auras? I don't know. Anyways, I've dreamed of a lot of the events in my life and recently the dreams haven't come true yet. I haven't had the same "dreams" that always come true like I use to. I'm afraid that this might be connected to this feeling I'm getting.

Anyways, during the last month or two, I've had this feeling of something lurking in the room with me. It follows me no matter where I go. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it every time. It keeps me awake through most of the night; it's almost impossible to sleep with this feeling. Blaring music helps distract me, but sometimes that doesn't even help. I'm not sure what it is but doors are slamming shut during the day now on a daily basis by themselves... I feel like the more I think about it the more it happens. I've asked it to please return to the light and leave me alone, but the feeling doesn't go away. I've felt spirits before but while this feels similar, it seems much more...different. My spine always chills when I feel a spirit, but my spine won't stop this time. I think it's watching me type this now. Please someone just channel it or something, let me know if this is someone to help guide me in my life or someone asking for help. Someone help me.

Could this be my spirit guide maybe? I've never met my guide but I've heard their advice before ring through my ears.

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Jupiter108 (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-13)
Something similar happened to me a year ago. I remember I'd be sound asleep and suddenly awoke. I felt an ice cold chill up my spine. Too afraid to look around so I stayed still for a few minuts. When I turned around I was sure that I would see someone. But to my surprize nobody was there. Nothing but my digital alarm clock saying 1:30. This continued for a week and a half. And sometimes even now
Deathwalker86 (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-13)
I've had issues like this in the past. I recommend you create your sacred space where you will be safe and in peace away from these kind of things.
Sometimes these things don't just go away by simply telling them to do so. It has to be forced out. My wife and I force entities out of our house every once in a while and I tell you it works.

I recommend you light a white candle, burn some smudgigng herbs such as sage or cedar and say a prayer to whatever God you feel confortable praying to, to clean, clear and protect your home from any negative energies, entities or spirits.

You can also make your own "holy water" by boiling sage, cedar and thyme with a few drops of lavender oil as if you were making tea. Once the juices from the herbs are mixed in good with the water, let it cool down. Pour it in a spray bottle and you can bless the walls, doors, windows, etc. You can even spray it in the air to clear the area around you.
While you do this you can chant a short prayer for cleansing and purification.

Do this for your entire house or just your room. And trust and believe that this entity will leave. And if it doesn't work let me know, I'll help you find an answer to this.

Hope this helps you as much as it has helped us in the past.

Blessings! 😉
jcantu8 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-13)
The scratches on your body, slamming doors and the way you describe the feeling as "lurking" concern me. You may have attracted a dark Spirit that's attaching itself to you. Spirit guides feel good and safe. They wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable like that, and they wouldn't physically hurt you, but a darker spirit may. I've never had that happen, but I've seen episodes of "Psychic Kids" where people have been scratched and hurt.

A couple months ago I had a frightening experience where a dark spirit was drawn into my bedroom and literally took over the space. Long story I won't get into here, but I went to see my local psychic for help after it completely freaked me out one night. He is very wise and I trust him. He's been sort of mentoring me as I develop my gifts. Here's what he told me to do. This may help you:

Mine was confined to one room, but do the following wherever needed.

He told me to rearrange all of the furniture and decor, and clean everything really good. Bring in some new things and remove some things from the room. He said to confuse the spirit by changing the entire energy of the room.

Play high vibrational music to raise the energy in the room. I continously looped one of my favorite spiritual songs and let it play 24/7. He said this keeps the energy in the room (home) high. He told me that the spirit will stay as long as it wants, you can't make it leave, spirits have free will too, but the music helps it rise up to the light or make it want to leave.

Darker energies attach and feed off lower level emotions such as fear and anger. That's literally how they charge up and become powerful enough to do things like slam doors or scratch you. Try to keep yourself from feeling fear and anger while you're in that space as much as possible. If you do, this is when the entity attaches itself to you.

For example, if you begin to feel like it's watching you and then you get scared, it gets worse and more things start happening and the fear inside of you grows, right? That's what was going on with me. Keep your emotions and thoughts as high and positive as possible. If you get scared, try to distract yourself as quickly as possible and return to a good space so that it can't feed off of you.

If there is a mirror in the room, particularily one that you get an eery feeling looking at, it may be acting as a portal for the spirit. Dark spirits notoriously use mirrors to come in. Consider removing it or at least sage it and ask that the portal be closed.

Saging your home is good a way to clear the energy too, but he told me that the above things were most important when dealing with something like this.

I did all of this that same day, and I immediately felt better. Hope this helps. I wish you the best! Julie
uncreativelol (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-12)
I'd also like to add I've been getting cuts on my right ankle in the same spot for the last month. I don't really go anywhere at the moment and I've never hurt myself in these places. I cannot remember how I've got them... This isn't the first time I've had these unexplainable cuts on my limbs. There are 4 lines in scratching positions.


Here's the picture, sorry for the quality.

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