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A Good Friend Passed Away Recently And A Cure From Addiction


How are you everyone? I understand this post isn't supposed to be about dreams, etc etc. My good friend John passed away in a motorcycle accident months ago. I have been dreaming of him a lot. The last time I dreamt of him, he woke me up. As soon as I seen him in the dream, he physically woke me up. I felt his vibration slowly come to me. I was scared the first time, but as I learned every spirit has their own frequency. As I locked up when his soul came to me, I kept trying to say to him tell me your name, tell me your name. Spirits never speak to me. But I believe the only way John can contact me is through dreams, which allow his Spirit to physically come to me. I am truly blessed to have the ability to connect with John. I wish I could tell my friends, but they will not believe me. I guess the question I have to ask any of you, is how come he is able to come to me and nobody else? I love every bit of contact I get to have with Spirits. Especially the Holy Spirit. God Bless everyone! Hopefully I hear back from some of you.

I understand I am not a psychic, medium etc etc. But I do have to ability to connect with Spirits. I am so curious to know who they are. They are all positive Spirits too. As of now I am sure my good friend John is always with me, but I want to know who the other Spirits are that come to me. Even before he passed I've had Spiritual experiences.

Two to Three years ago I used to be heavily into drugs. After I went to rehab and accumulated a couple months of sobriety, a Spirit woke me up from my sleep in the night. I promise you that I will probably never feel that feeling again. It was pure bliss. I was shaking, my tongue I believe was out and I felt my Soul almost being rejuvenated my someone, or something. That week after my experience I felt nothing but pure joy. The whole week! From what I found out, that was my Spirit guide or the Holy Spirit curing me of my troubles. From that point on I HAVE NEVER had an urge to get high. My name is Anthony from Philadelphia and I am 21 years old.



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Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-11)
Hi Anthony, that sounds like an amazing experience. I get a lot of visitations from spirits in my dream state too. I also don't know most of their names, unless it was a dead relative. Whatever you choose to believe, know that he comes to you because you think of him and you had a connection to him. You don't even have to say his name, just the feeling of him will bring him to you. It doesn't however mean that he isn't around others, they may be getting messages from him in another way. It's never really the same for everyone, it's just that you may be more sensitive to his energy than your friends.

I used to get scared when I get visitations from dead people, and I just somehow know they're dead. I don't see them but it's more like I know they're a black cloud surrounding my bed. As to their names, I used to be obsess because I never got the answer to my questions in the form I was expecting. I mean I would ask a question and get nothing and it would frustrate me. I had to learn to listen with my soul, it's the only way I know. You see names are not as important to them as they are to us. As long as you can identify their frequencies, and tell them apart, they don't care what you call them. When I don't get names, I make it up. When I do get names, it's not in the way I would expect them to come, for example, I only knew I was working with Archangel Micheal because the first time I heard his name I felt my body tingle and I knew that feeling and it just clicked. I only knew about Jesus because I saw a blue cross. It's just something that comes to me over and over and over again until I actually acknowledge it. It took me two weeks to accept Jesus. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but these are things you have to experience to know. When it happens, you will know.

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