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Feeling A Presence


I'd like to share my experience with you so as to find out if anyone of you have felt something similar or just help me understand what this exactly is! It's really important to me since I've been trying to explain this for years.

Since I was a kid I felt something like a presence whereas during the last years it is more intense. It can happen anywhere, I mean not only while trying to sleep; I have even felt it while I was with friends outside having a coffee. This is how it goes: suddenly the atmosphere changes, I feel that someone is moving around me. Sometimes this "aura" is calm and others it's moving fast like it's angry. It is usually calm though. I have tried to communicate in ways such as thinking and saying: come to my left side if you are an angel for instance. Many times this presence does what I say. I've lost a beloved one recently and these days I think I can feel him. Last night I felt again this presence and I thought: come to my left side if you are YOU and he came, then I thought: come to my right side now and so he did! This lasted for at least 10 minutes.

I repeat that I've been feeling this since I was a kid. This presence doesn't frighten me anymore but it used to when I was younger. I feel gifted if I can feel angels or spirits of beloved ones! Does anyone of you feel the same?

Please explain to me what this might be, I call it an aura or presence, it's something like air around me! I'd be grateful if I you could help me! Thank you in advance!



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Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-12)
I figure you are experiencing an encounter with your spirit guide. What you are feeling is the vibrations of his/her energy. I have the same problem as you, though. I can feel and sense them, but I lack the ability to speak or see them. Just know there isn't anything to fear, because to me, it seems like this spirit is of the light. Let me know what happens next. I would love to hear your progress.

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