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I have had nothing to do with anything supernatural or psychic like up until five years ago. I was sitting in a math class when I glanced at the board and was suddenly stuck looking at a math equation on the board and could not look away from it. I thought "Didn't I see that in a dream?". I merely brushed it off as me just being use to seeing similar things on the board. But I then had more of those same feelings and looking at things and recalling seeing those images or things in dreams. They are nothing important like, who is winning the world series or any weddings, births, or deaths in a family. Just little things like a picture on a binder that I look at at a certain angle, with a almost flash back sense/feeling. Or my most recent one, where my friend was speaking to me as I was looking down at a sheet of homework and then recalled that same snippet of the conversation and the writing on the paper from a dream that I had forgotten about. This recent year they have been getting far more frequent than normal. They are happening monthly now, sometimes more than once a week. Where as in the beginning it was happening in a much broader span of time. I have no knowledge of anyone in my family with this happening to them and none of my friends, except one, have this feeling either. The friend that has this has it in a different sense also. His are more dream like and have hidden meaning is more dream like scenarios. Or so he tells me. His are in a more broader time span than mine also. Only one has happened so far in the, about two years, he says he has been getting them. Any information, advise, or comments are welcomed because I am a bit confused and scared. I have researched a bit and it has raised more questions while answering a few. I don't know how to control it or use it to unlock some other abilities I may have or stumble upon later in life. Thank you.

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clarissajackson (4 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-25)
deja vu from my experience meant I dreamed already so that mean I done it already.

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