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This Is Too Real For A Dream


This is my first ever post for this site, and also my first attempt to tell this event to other people. I hope you could give me some explanation about what I've been encountered with.

This was happened in 2010. My beloved uncle was committed suicide by hanging on 11 November that year, and it struck my family pretty bad. I'm the one who get hit really hard with this, because we (my uncle and I) were very close. It was too painful for me, I couldn't even cry at that time.

Then, it must be one week after his funeral, at noon; I was lying on my bed while my younger brother is playing laptop beside me. I was talking with him while texting on my cellphone when suddenly - just like in the movies, when the screen switching the scene one to the other - I found myself sitting outside in the terrace with my uncle. I was very happy when I saw him, and I asked, "Where have you been? We miss you so much", he replied, "I'm here. I'm going nowhere". He looks quite gloomy. And then I asked him why he committing suicide, he sighed, and suddenly I was like transported to another place, this time a pitch-dark room, I suppose it was his room (the police investigation stated later that he hanged himself sometime at 2 in the morning), because I could see the rope he used to hang himself still hanging in there. Though I have 'moved' to this place, I could still hear my uncle's voice said, "I did not tie that rope. Someone has prepared it for me". Then my body slowly lifted upward, toward the rope, as if I was about to hang myself. At first I thought my body lifted itself, but then I realize there is someone who carried me to the top. I could feel him breathing wildly, heavily behind my neck. But until today I don't know who that man was.

After that, I 'returned' to the porch with my uncle. When I asked who was tying the rope, he replied, "Do not involve your self with this incident."

That's when I 'woke up', but strangely, it seems like I didn't sleep at all. I still texting on my cellphone, even at that moment I still talking to my brother. My brother also assured me that I was not asleep; I was talking to him all the time.

I decide to keep this thing for myself. After that day, my uncle has visited me in several dreams. I was not afraid, because I'm not a very nervy man and actually this is not the only strange event - but surely the wicked one - I ever experienced. But when I remember his words that 'someone has prepared the rope for him', I always shivered. It seems relates with stories he had always tell me before he died, something about him become a target of witchcraft (something that could make sense, judging by several incidents after his death).

Can anyone tell me, what exactly have I experienced? Am I dreaming? Or did I move to another dimension at that time? I don't believe too much in ghosts, but I do believe in science and I've read a couple of articles about other dimension.

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