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Constant Bad Feelings After A Trauma


I normally get premonitions from time to time. I've never been wrong before. I can't control when they happen or when but they have never been wrong.

About two months ago, I saw a flash of another woman by my husbands head. Turns out he met another woman and then tells me that he is leaving. I get this strong feeling that he won't leave me and then he does. I don't get it at all. Worse a couple weeks later I get a feeling that I need to run with the kids, only to find out that he was trying at the school to get the documents needed to enroll the children in another school. I was able to prevent this by going to a lawyer. However since then I have been swamped with bad feelings and fear almost constantly.

Nothing that tells me much but I can't sense my center if you know what I mean and feel as if I'm running blind. I know I have experienced a great trauma and am wondering if this is what is throwing me off. At the same time I still don't understand why I felt he wouldn't leave and then he did. Even more interesting is that the rest of my premonitions have been correct around that time. Plus I'm getting nothing at all now other than fear and bad feelings like everything is going to go wrong. I know I'm scared that I will lose the custody battle that is coming.

I'm just wondering what can I do to reconnect inside and to figure out why I was wrong about him leaving and also if these constant bad feelings are because everything is going to go wrong. Any info would be appreciated.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-24)
Placing moth Balls in corners of your bed room and at the front door plus around the corners of home.
Last for 3 months.

At this time, just using movement: which can be
Long walks, and talking to God/Guides/Angels or whom ever you believe in and talk and ask for help to intervene in the situation.

Physical exercise which pulles energy to you as
Yoga, or Tai Chi can help with time to balance the
Lower subtle centers. This can help dissapate sleep less night, headaches or pains in the body and heart.
This fills energy centers which have been depleted.

Doing the me time by long soaks in Bath with:
1/2 cup of each baking soda and sea salt.
Three times a week: monday/Wed and Saturday.
Sit at least 20min to 1 hour. Submerge entire body.
Pray or meditate.

Or a bath with some essential oils as
Honeysuckle oil, Jasmine oil, Arnica oil,...
These not only work with thought forms but are
Believed to break curses. I would not sumberge hair.

Some people believe that doing this on the tide of
A full moon will relinquish and take away the neg and
Enable to requestor to release the old.

Your mind will spin, but also in relationship break
Ups there is Thought forms.

Thought forms are thoughts we send out as well as
Partners or spouse send us. These can be felt and affect the physical, emotional and mind.
This will still feel like a pulling with the two separted Aura's of the individuals involved.

AustralianBush Formula
Negative: taking on negative family thought patterns, repetition of past negative
... Especially terror experienced in life-threatening situations or psychic attack.

I am sure the children are quite torn and acting out
Would be normal for them as well.

It is quite normal for the ex-wife to be villified,
Because wills, children and money is involved.

You can use the salts and add a few drops of oil for
Small kids, but stay in. As you body will go into a nice relaxed state and you may all need naps.
bluelightshine (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-23)
I thank you both for the advice. I'm not sure if its the pain but I seem to have closed off inside, even to me. Meditation isn't helping, most likely because I can't calm enough to truly feel.
I do know that I feel under attack. More events have spiraled things out of control. I have tried to let him go though I can't say that I have wished him well. That will take time. I have tried to distance myself from him and have showed very little emotion.
It hasn't helped. He has declared war on me and even when I am giving he tries to take even more. He treats me with hate, because I didn't give him the kids. He is in the process of destroying me financially and more.
I wonder if the attack itself is causing so much of my distress? That maybe I'm feeling a physic attack as well as in the physical world?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
Normally with a relation that breaks up: the two individual Aura's (energies) separate, leaving the partners longing, lonely hurt and confused.

With preminitions, which are prophetic and
Show consistency and accuracy around events.
Each human being has Free Will.
Free Will has the ability to go align with a
Preminition, or change the path.

A Good reference in dealing with your life.
Is to do your best to release him wishing him the highest intent.

When you speak or see him do not cry. Do not call and
Hang the phone up only to hear his voice.

When seeing him just treat him like an acquaintance.

Do not say you miss him.
He will only see any of this as weakness and will push you away.

By treating him as an acquaintance, standing independant.
Will allow him to feel the distance and if he will
Have a change of heart then and only then he can
Think with an independant mind and heart.

As for what you are experiencing is a normal process since your life feels as if it is torn apart. In time you will be yourself.
You only need to be your own best friend and have loving family and friends supporting you unconditionally.

Do your best not to beat yourself going over the past.

The best advice is try to enjoy life moment by moment.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
Meditate. That's all you can do. Meditate and focus on your inner self.

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