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My name is Aaron, I have recently discovered that I am Empathic, I am a Subjective Clairvoyant, and I can heal others. I have found many people on this site, who are teenagers and have helped so many on other sites. I found this site a few months ago, lost and confused. But now I know what I am to do

I want to help anyone who needs help with there abilities, is scared of it, or just needs someone to talk to about it. I am here to help and I will do my best. Just know that you are not alone, and there are others out there that are like you. We all have different gifts, but I can help with any of them as I have met many who have similar, or the exact same as I do.

If there are any teenagers, or young adults, or anyone who just needs help with it, I will do everything in my power to help strengthen you, and help your abilities. I was the same way not too long ago, I didn't understand what was happening to me, but now after I have found this site, and helped the people on here. Now I have a purpose as a teacher, and a friend to anyone who shall need it. Depression set in for me, and I lost myself for the longest time, it affects us all. We all feel alone at some point. But I am trying my best to get everyone I talk to in contact with others like them, and me.

I express my thanks for finding this site, and meeting so many wonderful people, and helping me find myself again. Anyone who wants to talk. Just go to my profile page and send me an email, and ill get back to you as quick as I can!

Blessed be.

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