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Seeing Future And Visions And Voices


My name is Isabel. I am 16. Since I was much younger, I've had little flashes of the future. Most people have these while dreaming, but has anyone had these occurrences awake? Not to make it a laughing matter, but it sort of reminds me of That's So Raven. I literally could be in a room full of people and bam I'm in a conversation that will happen 2 weeks from now. The longest vision lasted about 5 seconds. I'm worried, because it's happening less and less, and... I want to be able to see more. And why? Why do we see the future? What purpose do we hold?

I'm also too scared to sleep at night because of my horrific dreams. Ever since I was little, I've only had every nightmares. Ever. It wasn't until I was 10 that I started having dreams sometimes. Every night before that was a nightmare, can you imagine! I don't know how I got through that.

To do with visions of spirits? Or real people? Here are my stories.

When I was little I used to tell my mom I saw a boy and his father in the television when it was off. So did my little sister. I remember two of these visions clearly. They seemed really content and happy, and were walking down a pavement together, holding hands. It even happened when I was facing away from the television once, just like my future visions I zapped into it.

When I was 13, I woke up and everything was so real. But I couldn't scream. There was an african american lady in old fashioned clothes on my bed, staring at me with coal black eyes and I could feel her COMPLETE HATE I mean I've never felt such ANGER and RESENTMENT before and I was so scared, then she crawled under my bed and I could feel her beneath me. It was so scary. Anyways, I've never seen this women, could she be someone who hated me from a past life? I really want to apologize for whatever I did to her, because I do not know what that was. Do you think she could hurt me? I'm scared of her.

A few weeks ago I heard someone walking outside my door in the night, footsteps, and I know it was not my mother or sister because I asked them, and then the next day when I woke up there was a rode outside my door, Perfectly cut from the vase in our living room. Creepy much? What does that mean? I hope it's a safe sign of someone watching over me and not a warning...

And now voices.

Now before I go to sleep sometimes, I hear voices. They're pretty loud and too real to be my imagination. It'll shock me so much I'll wake up, but I'll catch a couple words or something.

My main concern is going along with these visions, dreams, and voices? Could it lead me to a dark place? I have severe anxiety issues, and I am really worried that if I keep letting the voices go on, I'll get sucked into a scary vision.

Also when I'm in my house alone I'm constantly afraid, so afraid someone's going to hurt me. I;m so afraid of possession and things like that too. What do I do? Please help.

I'd be very grateful to anyone who shared their similar story, and even more for help.!

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Fivemillion (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-08)
I just want to support what vanillabean said. I was also told to tell all spirits to GET OUT of my house. I was told that it is not good for them to hang out in my house, as I communicate with them. They can let other spirits in without you knowing. There are still a few who let me know they are there, but they appear in my mind, or I can hear them talk to me.
Vanillabean is right. The good spirits don't scare or bother you. You can actually feel love from them, as in relatives. The bad ones are like bullies You are in control, NOT them. Imagine a white light all around you and ask for the highest angels help. Good Luck
Fivemillion (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-08)
This is for Izzycat:
When I first realized, and was confirmed by a medium that I could sense spirits' prescence, I became really afraid to be alone in my house, and was getting TERRIFYING images in my head. And to make me more concerned, scary images were appearing in my daughter's head. And she's 11. Find a medium and ask them how to banish the bad energies.
There are things you can say, along with asking Archangel Micheal and other saints/ higher beings for help with this. Whatever this woman told me to do worked. I am no longer afraid
Blessed_vocals24 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-08)
Hey I'm 24 years old, this year I had a vision while I was driving, it scared me because I seen a vision of my mom laying dead In a casket! That day I insisted that she go to the hospital! My sister tolled my mom you can go to the Er off a vision, something has to be wrong. So I asked my mom to make a dr. S appointment. She agreed, I made her promise me, I asked her to go the very next day! I took her to the dr. S and they sent her to the ER, my moms heart was spreading so fast that she could have clappesed and died, they said that she is so very lucky to be alive. They believe her heart was doing that for weeks! This was not the first vision or the first experience I have had this is just one of many another recent one happened the Nov. 28th it was about my sister in law, she was going the next day to find out the gender of her child she is pregnant with, I asked just in to the air "what is the gender of Jessica's baby?" That night I thought of her name and heard a voice say it is a boy! The next morning my boyfriend walks in the room to tell me the news! I tolled him I already knew, that I found out the night before! He just said o.k. What ever. I think he was more upset about that fact because his uncle passed away in January of this year and we got preganat and wanted to name our child, but we lost our baby at two days shy of a month preganat! Good news though she got pregnant the sad day we lost our baby! She is now over 5 months pregnant! Also I have seen my boyfriend and I in he future have the first granddaughter from his moms side of the family! I see all three of us! We are happy, married, and life is so beautiful! It may be a little rough right now but it will all work out! Thanks for listening! As far as controlling it, I have not figured it out. But I believe in my visions and trust them to either save lives or deliver a important message! That was not the first person, I had visions about! I was mocked when I tolled my sister about one of my visions, that cold save their lives! Every thing was the same except they did not get I car axident but they seen another white van that had been in a car axident on the same road same color and kind f veichal. Same shirt, my brother was wearing and they mocked me. But I sill feel they needed to know because it could have been them! I thank God nothing happened to them, so the mocking me or not having faith in my visions is their problem not mine! As long as I deliver the message the best I can! 😊
letyurlovflo2know (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
Well, so far I've only read everyone else's posts, stories, questions and answers. I've yet to tell you about myself. I find this site seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Wait 'til I get going! I will say that I first identified with the story,"A Two Day Dream". It made sense, to me. It calmed me. Took away some very, scary feelings I had regarding my "gifts".
I need to go back and fill in my introduction or whatever at the start of my signing on. Guess I've started that, here in the middle of your conversations.
Please forgive. And---may I not ramble on, and on in the future! Thank you, please bear with me... I need you. 😕 😐 ❤
P.S A comment for, "SEEING FUTURE VISIONS AND VOICES": My most profound and longest lasting experience is a dream I had, that started in 1987 and continued with me... Until after the World Trade Center, on 9-11. A vision, I fought with almost every night, for decades. When, in the end... I had "lived" my dream. Every aspect of it. My story... After I get some rest, please. Thank you.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-03)
The problem here is that you are too full of fear, which is what low-vibrational beings want. They are attracted to you because you are afraid--like attracts like. Fear is a low-vibrational feeling, therefore it attracts low-vibrational entities. If you are in a state of fear without the realization that you are the one in control and you can make them go away at any time, they will mess with you. I have had lots of entities try and play games with me or harass me, and plenty of spirits talking in my room at night. Like you I thought it was my imagination a couple times, but then I would realize everyone was asleep and it was too loud to be my imagination. You need to learn how to meditate, practice exercises with the white bubble of protection, and learn control. I haev written many posts on this website about these voices at night... Simply tell them authoritatively to SHUT UP and GO AWAY. Tell them they ARE NOT WELCOME. And mean it. This is how I get them to stop. Yes they can lead you down a "dark path." These entities are here to scare you, annoy with you, cause trouble. You certainly don't want to try and befriend them and talk to them! If they were loved ones in spirit or if they were Angels, that would be another story. I have seen just about all entities, including non-human ones. People who continue to let fear plague them and who never learn control and who try to encourage these low-vibrational beings end up with that "illness" they call "schizophrenia." If so-called "schizophrenics" knew how to practice meditation and personal power, their "symptoms" would not have gotten worse.

Try to build courage and if you sense entities like that Afro-Amer woman, tell her to freaking take a hike! Don't be afraid of her--it's YOUR bedroom and you can tell her to leave any time you want. But you have to mean it. Dont worry about asking nicely for her to leave--you should forcefully demand that she leave, feeling no fear, knowing she is just energy and can't hurt you. If you came home to find a total stranger standing in the middle of your living room, would you try to talk or would you call the cops? Hopefully you would not get close and try to be friends. This is how you treat spirits. Unless they are a friend or loved one in spirit or an entity that makes you feel no fear when they appear to you, they are NOT your friend. Tell them to go away! Trust me. You are not doing anything good for yourself by encouraging it. If you try to engage with them, things will only get worse for you. I know from experience; this is not just my opinion.

If you practice meditation and eliminating fear, you might get some nice spirits to come and visit you, like grandparents who have passed away, ones whom you would want to talk to and who would make you feel really warm and happy.
izzycat (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-01)
Okay I will try it out...yeah, when I was younger it happened a lot more often than it does now, it's getting weaker...I'll try and make it happen by concentrating and through meditation but I don't know if it'll work. Maybe it's already gone?
ikonserg (9 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-01)
When I was 6 or 8 may be 9 years old, I get similar ixperience. Usually, nothing bad hapend. It might be several explanation on your story. You can't bielive in any. WIll try to explain your experience. 1- you able to "see" people in TV. Its self-hipnosis issue, with "turning "ON" " ability to predict. When human activate that "mechanism" usually its more easy to see future/ past / or places with oil on the earth, inside TV! Yes. A lot of People use TV. But you can see it on the wall... On the air. Voises - it's your "mechanism" of "ability", or "underconchest abilities" try to "play" with your conchest - by modulate the voices, to tell you -
Hey! Do something with it... At least play with it... Usually it dissapere if human-been do nothing with it... Last "item" what happened with you. You soo somebody in your room... I will call that effect unexplored enough. I spoke with several people who get the same experience. From my "OWN library" will tell, that its never happened again. Usually in yong age you can see it. Later - it never come back.

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