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Just Your Average Out Of Body Experience


This is an astral travel/OBE experience though I suppose it would be more accurate to call it lucid dream and false awakening. It's not particularly remarkable, but it's only the fifth one I've had and the most lucid one at that.

So here's what happened:

I went to sleep early because I was tired. After some average dreams, there was a dream with an unpleasant situation which I wanted to escape. I did so in the normal dream way of jumping out the window and falling down quite a few stories. This made me lucid (as falling in dreams always does with me).

I don't remember what in particular I did while I was lucid, but as I was starting to lose lucidity, I remembered that I was supposed to try to go higher in order to go to higher planes (or higher regions of the astral plane).

So I started jumping up and trying to reach the next plane. I would jump up and fall back down. The sky ceiling (which was quite low... For a sky) was made of two layers. One was a thin layer of clouds and was of semi-solid consistency. It wasn't enough to hold one up, but it could slow one's progress down a bit so that one could get a look at the second ceiling. The second ceiling was a couple feet above the first. It seemed solid.

I jumped and jumped and after about 7-8 attempts I managed to get my hand through the upper ceiling. At this point I had a shift in perception and seemed to wake up in my bed.

My vision was kind of screwed up (hard to describe, but I suppose that someone who's done conscious OBEs would know what I mean).

As I woke up I saw what seemed to be a demon right in front of my face. It looked something like a Gollum (from LoTR) made out of coiling black smoke. After that the demon moved away and either went inside me or somewhere in the room I couldn't see or didn't care to look.

Regardless of where it was, I was a bit scared. My vision was still a bit strange, and my computer had turned on and started playing music even though it had not been doing so when I was asleep.

Therefore, I got out of bed and decided to do a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) which would protect me and/or make me feel safe. While I was doing the ritual, my vision seemed to normalize, though it would start to go bad again whenever I lost focus. When I was done, I decided to turn off my computer so it would stop playing music, but couldn't manage to do so.

At this point, my sister in the wake-world came in to wish me good night and ask if the door to my room should be left open so the cat could come in and out. I woke up because of this (still in my bed of course), and thought to write this. My computer was playing music because it had been doing so before I fell asleep and continued doing so while I was sleeping (though I didn't hear it in my dreams).

And now my conclusions about this experience:

1. The logic that demons do not exist in the real world stops working when the demon is right in your face, especially when you think you just woke up with astral vision. Logic is good for rationalizing away wake-world stuff, but in dreams your real beliefs come through. Most "dream-only" stuff doesn't clue me in that it's a dream (time-travel, magic, etc.), I just take it matter-of-fact that such things exist.

2. Even if the astral entity isn't evil or a demon, it's black, it's in my face, my vision is screwed up, and my mind and logic are still in dream-mode. Therefore, the automatic reaction is to get rid of it.

3. In one way, LBRP acts like those exercises to maintain lucidity (like where you look at your hands) since it makes you move around and maintain focus. However, it has the additional effect of protecting and calming you down. God knows how many things I've read along the lines of "I woke up and something was sitting on my chest and omg is it a demon? Help me!"

4. As I was writing this experience, I remembered that I forgot to say the "for about me the flames..." part. This is understandable since I've only actually practiced the LBRP a maximum of five times so far. This helps me believe what was said in some of my reading about practicing the pentagram ritual and the various pentagrams until you can do them in your sleep (since that's essentially what you'll be doing). Similarly, there's the advice to do the "check if I'm awake" and "look at hands" exercises periodically while awake so that one remembers to do them when asleep.

Anyways, finally all that theory paid off a little bit. Though perhaps it's actually the practice that matters since I didn't remember any theory except that one has to go up in the astral, but did remember approximately how to do the LBRP.

Feel free to comment, ask for further clarification, etc...

P.S. Even though the editing/grammar rules that require capitalization at the start of sentences and other stuff probably really help to make some of the articles readable, it is annoying that I can't name this experience "Just Your Average OBE" without "OBE reverting to "Obe".

93 93/93

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Berellic (54 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-08)
wow, well I think you are very brave compared to many others that I know personally that have had similar experience to this. I say to stay strong and keep training yourself to protect yourself from these sort of things, also with things like this happening to you I believe there is a purpose to all of this, what do you think?
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-07)
Berellic, when I "awoke", I was still in my dream-mentality and thought that I had awoken for real. I did not realize that it was an OBE. My reaction and feelings towards the creature were what they would have been had I met it in a dream. I have limited consciousness in dreams, so sometimes I'm aware that I have the power to fight something off and do it easily and sometimes I tend to run away.

In this case, I was aware that the LBRP provides protection from astral entities and accordingly decided to do so.

I don't get deliriously scared. I may be startled by something in real life (sudden loud noise), but that is the normal physical reaction to potential danger. I never get frightening nightmares. The worst dreams for me are those in which I'm being forced to do something horrible or repetitive (high school can go die) or forgetting something like my passport or wallet.

So to sum it up, try to imagine this. Person A does not have a debilitating snake phobia. Person A does not know enough about snakes to distinguish dangerous from harmless. Person A suddenly sees a snake on the path in front of them. A snake is not a fluffy rabbit and warrants some caution. Person A cautiously walks around the snake.
Berellic (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-05)
Hello Anaelyssa, what a very interesting experience you have had. My question to you is what were your true feelings at the moment you saw the demon in your face? Also you seem to look at things in an interesting way of the sense that others intentions are neither pure good or bad due to the perspective of the goal we desire out of our actions.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-05)
I'm sure that you have seen it that that it exists or at least believe that it exists, which means that it exists for you. However, the most I can say is that in a lucid OBE-like experience, I saw a black-colored entity that startled me. This does not prove to me that it is evil.

In my dreams, I don't think I've ever met anything that I could label as even partially evil (or good...). Everyone has reasons for what they're doing. Everyone is doing the only thing they can be doing according to their nature and circumstances.

Something can only be "evil" in relation to something else. For example, poison would be "evil" to my health, but "good" if I wanted to kill myself. However, it's not like the poison itself has a choice in the matter.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-05)
In my lifetime I have seen good and evil entities and everything in-between. Human and non-human too. All of it exists. 😉

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