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Feeling Of A Presence Around Me


This is my first post. I am very exited and have been so anxiousness to get answers for what has been happening to me. I am a Christian. I grew up going to church since I was little, I have been baptized. I used to pray and had a relationship with god. But as I started to get older it started to fade. I stopped going and I got into different things. I start to not believe in god, and got mostly into Darwinism or just basic spirituality of nature and energy. Not necessarily in any type of god. But still in the back of my mind I still couldn't give officially say I was not a christian. I still always believed that god died of the cross for everyone's sins. My family is heavily religious also.

Okay so here is the details about what I have been experiencing. I have always used drugs since I was about 16-17 years old, but I didn't have a huge problem. But withing the past 2 years I have been using Heroin and it has gotten extremely bad to say I am at the point of being a full blown addict. ANYWAYS for the past few months I have had this feeling of a presence around me. Lurking and following me where I go. I feel its energy mostly at night or early mourning. It may be some kind of spirit or demon. I do not think its a angel because it's not good energy, it seems dark. I started to notice at night when I would go to sleep I would here random taping on my walls, and random things around my room. Like it was trying to keep me awake. Just TAP here TAP there. And it eventually got louder and louder. And I knew it wasn't just my house making creaking noises. Also when I would dream, I could feel it enter in my dream. I will have terrible dreams. Like last night I had a dream my mother was trying to stab and kill me. While yelling blasphemous and crude words. While I try to sleep it moves my bed, and shakes it. But very slightly. I even fell asleep in my car and it started to mess with me. This thing will not leave me ALONE!

I have only talked about it with a few people. I mentioned it to my dad and he told me to pray and what not. So when things like that would start to happen I would just start to pray. Or say "lord please rebuke this demon" or "god please cleanse this house of bad spirits" basically just call out God's name. And the demon would go away and hide. But it has always been coming back. I feel like with me still continuing to use drugs, it puts my soul and spirit unguarded. And that's maybe why it keeps coming back. So now I am asking you all what to do? Do I continue to keep just praying? Should I try to communicate with it and see what it wants? Should I go to a priest and get blessed? PLEASE help me with something solid. This is extremely frightening for me. I have not really experienced or dealt with this before. So I would like to know what it is and what should I do? Thank you all and wish me the best.

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Show_Me (11 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-18)
When you started to drift off from God and don't really have a strong faith in him, you intend to attract many unwanted spirits and Demons. There is a demon called, the Drug Demon. This Demon basically takes over all your cravings and turns you into an addictive addict. It feeds off your bad and negative responses. As it feeds off you, you become weak and incontrollable to your needs.

The demon follows you around because it wants to control and lurk you into the dark side. This year there was a spiritual shift. More demons and evil spirits are trying to make people turn bad. That is why God or the Higher Power, are sending angel s to protect his children.

You can still pray, however, since you were saying you started to fade from God, it doesn't really help. In order for you to ask for help is to ask from your heart. Have faith and believe that God will help you and he will. Your belief in God/Higher Power will truly help you when you believe in them.

Turning Point:

In order for the Demon to go away is to have belief and faith in who you want to believe in (ex: God/Higher Power). You can continue to pray, but only if you really believe and have faith in God. If you do, he will help and guide you. Never communicate with an evil spirit or demon. You can open a portal by communicating with it or them. You can go to a priest and get blessed.

In order to for all this to stop is, are you willing to give up drugs to help yourself get better and feel better? Once you are, the demon or evil spirit will go away.

Hope this helps.
heartshaped116 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-18)
I have to sleep with noise or I just can't sleep. I sleep with a loud fan. Recently, I have been hearing music even with the fan on, but not all the time. The music sounds like a transistor radio, I can't quit understand melody or words. This week however, I have been woken up by a noise which sounded like someone trying to get in my back door. I passed it off as dreaming. This morning, not sure if the same time I woke to someone saying "hey" not once but twice, then said something else I couldn't make out. I sat there for a while, thinking maybe it was my dog making a noise that sounded like this but nothing. This same morning making the bed and thought I say a person walk down the hall, I thought it was my boyfriend but he was in the shower. Weird.
Number23Wolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-14)
I feel like your addiction might have made an entity. If an addiction is really bad, sometimes it goes off into the other side and makes a being that only exists in the other side. It also may be a disembodied spirit or demon following you because they once had that addiction or an addiction of some sort.

Sometimes, even the most skilled of mediums and psychics misread energies. You might have seen the energy following you as bad, but it the spirit may just have had a dark past, and not necessarily have bad intentions. I would suggest trying to contact the entity. Prepare yourself first: pray, shield yourself, etc. (you can find various forms of shields against those in the other side online). Then, attempt to contact the spirit. If you can't do this yourself, try going to a medium you trust. I would not suggest using an Ouija board. These can be very dangerous if used. If the entity shows sign of harm toward you, immediately cleanse your house. You can do this by burning sage and walking past any window or door with it, then placing salt in each corner of every room in your house, then picking up the salt, and placing it outside of your house. The spirits will be attracted to the salt, and cannot enter the house through any entrance due to the sage.

I hoped I helped. C:
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-14)
Firstly, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I recently commented on a story of a similar situation I recommended that that person do an LBRP (please actually read the description before dismissing it).

Even if it's not the LBRP, just do as you've been told to call upon the higher power to make it go away. If that doesn't work (as you say has been happening), try communicating with the spirit and asking it about its name and nature. "Know thine enemy." Before starting the communication, you should ask God to stand by you and protect you.

Learning the nature of the spirit might help you learn how to get rid of it. For example, if it represents your addiction to heroin, then until you master and get over your addiction, the demon will keep coming back.

I am not Christian, so I'm not sure about the politics involved. It might be easier for you to adopt a more open-minded faith (if yours is a type of super-dogmatic Christianity). It could be that according to your version of the religion, even talking to spirits will have you labeled as traitor, and then old chap Jehovah will chase you with thunderbolts and vengeful angels and disappointed parents and priests.

You say you have been doubting Christianity-type God. In that case, it may be to your benefit to read holy books of other religions and philosophies to see what general characteristics apply to God/Universe. I would recommend and the Tao Te Ching. Both are relatively short and give a good wallop of wisdom.

If care to do any serious studying on the occult and/or psychic stuff, read this (or parts of it; it's huge) HUGE Christianity warning though. If you think reading Harry Potter might harm impressionable Christian children, then you definitely don't want them to come within ten meters of this book.

I hope that was solid enough for you.

Love is the law, love under will.
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-13)
This is something I have a lot of experience with so stick with me while I do a quick rundown. You have a negative attachment in my opinion & without going into unnecessary detail an opinion i've never been more qualified to give. The narcotics are a HUGE part of what's going on here & probably what's blocking you from getting through this. I understand your religious history & i'm not here to agree or disagree or judge on that. I don't want you to lose this fight. We need you to learn basic tools to shield yourself, same goes for grounding. Basically a coping mechanism that is not only effective but stops you from using more. Lets stop blocking out the problem (if that's what your doing) strip it back & move forward. Ironically this could be your calling. A call for you to get intouch with your spiritual side. It was going to be an extreme calling with your lifestyle. Subtle hints weren't going to cut it. Do not attempt communication your not ready. Get strong enough,meditate,learn how to shield, call out for protection & you already know what's keeping this at bay when your asking for intervention. Surround yourself with light. Inorder to do that you have to have faith. Not necessarily in religion as people on this site are from varied background that cover every religion known. If you look on this site you will see things that these varied bunch of people all agree on. Cleansing your space,meditation,shielding & becoming more grounded. You have an extra challenge. You have to raise your vibration. Email me if you want to talk more in depth. There are things I personally wouldn't post in detail on here a there are a lot of younger ones (everyones welcome here) please remember nobodys judging you. My email is mazab [at] I wish you all the best & send you Love & Light

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