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I promise this is NOT a ghost story even though it involves one. I really do need some advice. I have always been very sensitive to my surroundings. Some of my family members are also sensitive to things but it isn't as strong as mine. I have very vivid dreams about things I know nothing about. I get these feeling about things that are going to happen. I feel like I have been experiencing more often though. Like one time I had a feeling there would be a bad car accident. Later that week, my uncle was in a car accident that totaled his car and could have killed him. Then I can also feel the energy in a room and if something bad or good is there. I have also seen this black figure just kind of stand in the corner and it watches me. At first it didn't feel threatening or anything though. But then the other night I was lying in bed and I got a terrible feeling like someone was trying to hurt me. My cat was sitting at the foot of my bed and he started hissing at the place I felt the energy the all of a sudden, as if he had been hit, and I saw the black figure. I got scared and texted my mum to come help me. She just told me she had seen it before and to just try to ignore it. But lately I had been thinking about trying to expand my sensitivity some but I am not sure if I should with this black figure around me. Would it be safe for me to try or do I need to wait? If it would be safe for me to try to widen it what should I do to expand it? Can you even expand it? I read you can but I am just unsure if it is true but I just really want to try if I can. Any advice out there for me? I also get bad headaches and get kind of dizzy right before I get an odd feeling if that has anything to do with anything.

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Tera (32 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-30)
Do you know about crystals? Try carrying around a piece of Amethyst, it opens/clears the crown chakra so that you can expand easier. Any piece of Amethyst would work. Then I would just say do some meditation. My last 2 posts were on meditations and shielding for meditation if you'd like to check them out.
If you'd like you can email me any questions and I can respond much faster.
Alliania.energies [at]
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-01)
The only advice I am able to accurately offer you is that you are indeed showing/displaying budding psychic abilities. Since you are new to all these stuffs it seems, it is natural for you to feel confused or even terrified. But it doesn't have to stay that long.
Usually it's always the psychic people that are further prone to spirits and entities and all the other supernatural occurrences, since they are the ones who are most open and connected compared to the others. Spirits are like humans in a way---you wouldn't make yourself known to someone who you know has no hope in noticing you,right?Same goes with them... And same goes with a budding psychic like you.
Now about that entity you have encountered, I think that is no more than an entity... And a not-so-good one, I may add. You have mentioned feeling scared deep inside and just the feelings that a spirit causes you to have would be enough key to how and what they really are. I advise, once again, establishing contact with your Spirit Guides for this matter for further guidance or calling on entities of protection such as Archangel Michael.
As for you expanding these abilities you may have, that is such a wise yet difficult choice to make. I would like to commend your choice.However,the road won't be fine and dandy... For further information, read a lot of books about your situation. Google information---self-teaching and learning never fails to help since you're the only one who could determine your experiences.
One trick that works is meditation. You know, clearing your mind, releasing the stress of what your situation right now may be bringing.It's also one of the most effective ways to get in touch with your Spirit Guides and receive proper and accurate guidance.
Keep us posted! ❤
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-31)
Hi! You are a very sensitive being and it is great that you want to increase your knowledge and develop spiritually. Don't be afraid of the dark figure as it is just another human who left the earthplane. He most probably lived in the house you are now living in, and is earthbound and can be around for a very long time.
As you wish to "expand" your sensitivity you should read good spiritual books as much as possible as knowledge rules. Spiritual development does not happen in one lifetime and your guide will "feed" you the
Amount you can absorb at any one time. Should you overdo it you will loose interest until such time as you are ready for further lessons.
You are invited to read my "stories" which are all based on facts and spread over a lifetime. If I can be of assistance in ANY way please do not hesitate to contact me.Remember,"Knock and the door shall be opened".

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