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Ever since I was younger a child in fact me and my siblings as well as my mother and grandmother have had encounters with spirits and ghosts, I remember seeing animal and human spirits a like in one of the houses I lived in when I was younger.

As I grew older and we moved away from that one home the amount of activity that I and the rest of my family saw got less until the new home we moved into shortly after all hell literally broke loose, hearing scratching sounds, I remember hearing my mother and grandmother talking to each other quietly about how they think they could hear a woman crying during the early hours of each night.

Due to intense spiritual activity in that house we left, then we moved to another house where there wasn't something nice in it, I got this feeling that a rough entity was watching me when I was trying to get to sleep and or going to the bathroom late at night. I just used to say a prayer and the presence would leave me.

That's just a background on some of the things I've encountered and which I say were either spirits trying to get my families attention for some reason, I can't see any other explanation.

Recently there has been a surge of activity that I can't explain some of it scares the living daylights out of me. A couple of weeks ago it was quite a cold night nothing unusual about that since it's winter in the UK. But around 2:30am it got really hot, I mean really hot, the heating was on low as it has it's own timer and it was weird, but I swear to God when I opened my eyes to see why it was so hot and humid I felt a dark somewhat powerful presence standing outside my door leading out into the hallway, I swear I could hear grunting noises and since I now live by myself and I have no pets, and I live in a city and there's grunting noises almost sounded like growling it scared the hell out of me. I just prayed, prayed for it go away. As most people do when you come in contact with terrifying things like that I immediately turned on every light my hands could reach.

But unfortunately that hasn't be the only scary experience lately, I have been scared on countless times. I think I'm cursed or something since I keep getting followed by shadows and ghosts or whatever you want to call them it's giving me added stress I don't need.

Recently I've been saying orange, yellow, white and blue flashes of light they appear the most when I feel that off dark presence, and I've noticed that these light flashes whatever they are do seem to get rid of that presence but it always comes back. These flashes don't scare me that just shock me a little as they just appear and disappear when they want to and they appear both at night and during the day.

I really have no clue as to what's going on, I'm lost, confused and I have almost lost faith in God as this dark presence continues to threaten me as it has caused things to move around like furniture and cause books to fall off my book shelf.

I'm just tired and if anyone can help me or give me some much needed advice I'd be very, very grateful.

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Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-09)
I have an idea, why not try to communicate with whatever it is that seems to enjoy your energy and your presence? I am sure the reason this spirit is around you is because it has something it needs to relay to you. Or, maybe it is someone of your soul group that is watching over you, as you are going through a time of progression and spiritual change. Fear will only limit your ability to understand things beyond what is documented and proclaimed non-fiction. If you wish to base your life upon fear, go ahead, but just know that beneath the surface of your skin resides someone more powerful than you may be aware of. It would be highly recommended that you go within your self to discover just how this person truly is. The ability you have is one to applaud. You are sub-consciously prepared to prevail down your spiritual journey, yet it is your conscious mind that continues to play the part of the block in the road.

It is sad to know that people seem to fear things they are unfamiliar with, but worship things they are also unfamiliar with just because they are more comfortable with following something that is explained, understand and worshiped by many.

The only difference between the spirit world and the physical world, is one possesses a physical body, while the other is merely pure essence of energy.

The best way to overcome fear is by simply facing it. You will be surprised to see that majority of the evil people experience is nothing more than a piece of themselves they've left unacknowledged, hidden and unresolved.

Think about it.
csotesz (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-09)
I had similar (not the same) experiences, so my solution might be yours as well. First, it took some time for me to overcome fear. They don't have the right to disturb you if you don't want that! Repeating this should give you enough strenght. Once your head is clear from fear, express love! It is not as easy as it sounds but it helps. They feed from negative emotions. All the positive emotion sparks make them calm down and leave. You can run forever but if they come again then you have to face them sooner or later. One way is the mix of self-confidence and love. Good luck!

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