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Contact Through A Dream?


When I was 15, almost three years ago, I had this strange dream. It seemed strange at the time, but now that I think about it I think it must have been a spirit trying to contact me.

What happened was I was dreaming of seeing an old woman and I was thinking about how much the woman reminded me of my grandmother and how I missed my grandmother and wished I could be with her. So pretty much the entire dream was about how much I missed my grandmother and wanted to be with her. I think I may have even seen her in the dream, but I don't remember. While I was asleep, the phone at my house rang which woke me up. The phone call was someone from the nursing home that my grandmother was in calling to say that my grandmother had passed away. Is it possible that my dream and my grandmother's passing are somehow connected?

When I talked to one of my friends about this dream she said that it could have been my grandmother trying to say goodbye. Is this possible?

It just strikes me as a bit odd because I was never very close to my grandmother because she lived in England and I didn't get to see her that often. And when I had the dream, it must have been at the same time that she was dying. So that just confuses me a bit.

This was the only time that I ever had a dream like this one, so maybe the dream and my grandmother's passing aren't related. And I never had a dream like this when my grandfather passed away. But that could be because I don't always remember my dreams.

If the dream was a way of my grandmother trying to say goodbye, is it possible that I could have another dream like this one?

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-16)
Hey prettyinblackxoxo,

First of all, I believe that it is possible to connect with people (both living & deceased) through your dreams. I'm not saying that every dream involving someone is someone "communicating" with you, but that it is possible that some of the dreams are like this.

As for it being possible to have another dream similar to this one, I would again have to say "yes, it is possible".

Also, try to keep a dream journal - the easiest way to do this is to keep a notebook by your bed, and right after waking up from a dream, try to write down as many keywords or phrases as you can remember to describe the dream (such as "park", "car", "old woman watching"). With time, you may find that you can remember more about your dreams, which may help you identify similar dreams to this one.

SIDE NOTE: You can test communicating through dreams quite easily - try thinking about someone as you go to sleep (preferably someone that is willing to participate, so that you can question them the next day), and think about meeting them in a dream environment. Say a simple message or phrase to them in the "dream" world. Then, the next day, try to find out if the person in question had any "weird dreams" (in quotes because they may not know you used them as the target for the experiment). You can also test telepathy in a similar manner.


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