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Visions During Dreams


When I was 6 I was always aggressive and cheerful until one experience

Something came to my mind telling me that when my mom got home she would give me a toy ballpen that time I was really certain and I'm shocked that when she got home she really game me a toy.

Until now I have strong feelings like when something's bad is happening I will just see that thing or person and a situation will pop up in my mind and my heartbeat will raise. Many instances that these thing happens to me but sometimes the vision will occur on my dreams.

Like when my Grandmother and Father will die I also dream about that and it happens.

I was 14 now going 15 and this thing happens Sometimes my friends will told me that my mind flew in another world again cause I will be mesmerize and I will be just shocked when somebody called me It was like I was going to a world. When I dream about that boy I was on a beach and when I'm about to wake up I saw a tunnel connecting something like that it's not an ordinary tunnel It's like a tunnel of light and memories I cannot explain it in words cause its hard to describe then also happenings that when I was doing something a raise of heartbeat will occur and there's a part of me saying " Don't do it" And when I was little I dreamed of a place that I never knew but after several years We came to that place that exact place

And there's another thing I always dream of a teenager he's a boy I cannot see his face but he wears a black shirt he looks like an emo boy but he doesn't scared me or what so ever, He always help me and one time when I was crying and I slept I felt his presence held my hand and in my dreams he says " Don't worry It will be fine."

I'm getting scared of this ability Or do I have an ability?

I nver see a image or vision I just feel it a very strong feeling.

Do I have a gift? Or It's just my imagination?

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xXMaRin (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-22)
I always ask God why did he gave it to me? Am I born with this ability?
I'm a very sensitive type of person does my ability has an affect on my feelings?
xXMaRin (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-22)
I'm not trained with this ability so sometimes I just ignored what I feel and go on. I took the ESP test and resulted 78/100 what does that mean? But I scored lower in the other test I only excelled in the ESP test
gavster76 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-20)
Hi I'm new here, awoke this morning and found this forum regarding my experience and feel I need to post.

Last night before bed I was reading a book by Gary Zukav, called seat of the soul. I have read many books and practiced many spiritual practices through meditation in search for enlightenment, anyway upon drifting off into a hypnogogic trance I started to dream of this guy surrounded by Bee's he was contorted and looked to be in some crazed mental state and was sat at a table where he suddenly slammed his head down into the table to catch bees in his mouth, then looked at me and released one through his lips... I awoke lying there wondrering what on earth the significance of it meant and to my astonishment could hear a single bee flying around somewhere in my room, you may say ok there's a bee in your room, but its February and its freezing... No chance the sound faded off after about a minute. I found it very interesting that after a little research I came across this... Bees are also symbols of communication. The saying 'tell it to the bees' meant using bees to transmit wishes and desires out to God. Interesting as this was my prayer thought process before I drifted off. Anyway it wouldn't be the first time, I too like many of you have always heard clairaudient voices and images of strangers... And managed to record amazing conversations on my iphone in sleep between myself and other beings... I kid you not, they are awesome. When I was six yes of age I awoke to a swirling mass of purple shades of light on my headboard, it scared me and I put my head under the covers, that's my memory I guess I must have fell back to sleep. Anyway that's my experience... Sorry its rushed gotta go to work. Bye
HazzaStyles1 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-20)
Gift! I have been having 5 or more dreams every night since 4 weeks ago I think and most of it comes true I always dream about my crush every night and ghost dreams everynight my dreams are probably signs that my crush loves me now cause I went on this thing a girl named Xara makes all your wishes come true! NO JOKE! Some of them are coming true for me and now my crush LOVES ME!:DDDD ❤ ❤ ❤

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