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Was It A Past Life?


My visions have been going on since I was a child. When I became a teen I began to learn how to repress them. Yet when I was around 19 I had a dream well more like a nightmare.

It was in the 1800 I think you know woman with big dresses still riding in wagons pushed by horse. It was a dark chilly night, I felt like I had been traveling for hours I could remember siting inside the that wagon with my huge dress laughing with a stranger his face was blurry. All of a sudden when we were on the bridge something happens that went over I tried to swim up but that stranger held me under I tried to scream but I could not. All I could taste was that salty water and when I would go up and gasp for air I could feel my body freezing. I tried to fight that man but he was so strong and I felt so betrayed. When I finally woke up I could still taste that water in my mouth. Later on that evening I went and explain my dream to my best friend I told her how it was me around the age of 20 to 25 and how I was killed by someone that I felt so close to. She assured me it was just a nightmare well I turned 22 years this past January and one week before my birthday I had a car wreck my truck spun out of control on a bridge do to ice I almost went over if I had not turned the wheel God knows if I would even be here. Yet all I could think about was that dream when I was 19 and kept repeating I knew this was going to happen I knew it was real over and over. So I really would like to know what is going on with me why am I having all these visions and why after so long that I had controlled them, why are the back if in my dream I was murdered is there someone out there after me. Someone please help me understand, before it drives me nuts this is just one of the things I have had to deal with in my life. I will share more later...

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Shanna (16 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-26)
Yup, it's a previous life you remember. Don't freak out!
It's really normal to remember your death first and then the rest of the life, if you even remember that much.

It Is The PAST. If you feel threatened, take a defense course. If you don't have the money etc.; go read or watch self defense tips and tricks, there are tons of vids on youtube and learn them yourself.

Do you know FOR SURE that that man tried to drown you? Because when people panic in water they grab a hold of anything and everything to try to keep their head above water. Many people have drowned that way because other people climb on top of them and so the other drowns. No matter if they're strong capable men and can swim well, all people can panic.

Trust me, this isn't bad in comparison to me, I got my memory back -of being shot to death as a little boy after I had seen all my other family members getting shot- right during my history lesson!

Don't freak out, and look at it clearheaded instead of emotional. It's the past. There is no reason why you would die that way this life. You may have a weak spot with falling into water, so train yourself or get trained to get rid of that weak spot and to get more confidence in yourself in that kind of situation, may you ever get into it again.

LEARN from the past, Do Not let it cripple you ok?

Sorry if I seem harsh, but I've got quite some experience with this sort of thing, and dryly analyzing is the best and only way to cope with it. Don't deny it either! You've seen what that brings. Meet the memory head-on and tackle it! Grab the bastard experience and make sure you know what to do a next time in that situation!

fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-21)

First off, I'm going to recommend you keep a dream journal - It may help you keep track of other possible past-life events, or future premonitions.

Second, I do not feel that anyone is "out to get you" so to speak. Being murdered in a past life does not mean that you will be murdered in this one.

Third, I believe the visions are coming back because you've been neglecting them (same reason that you may "explode" at someone if you've been angry at them for a long time) - I would say that if they came back, they are coming back for a reason.

Finally, I myself had a vision a while ago detailing with my own demise (For me, the vision was of myself, maybe 26-28 years old). Now, me being 22, I'm a little anxious to see what happens at that time - I also don't worry about it, because "one who sits around worrying is not enjoying life to the present". Yes, sometimes these visions can be a burden, but you can still enjoy each day, and let whatever is supposed to come, come.

In your case, I see it as you having the upper hand - you theoretically already know when (and maybe where) the event would take place, so should you find yourself in the same environment, be prepared to do something "different" from your vision. I say this because when you have a vision, you have to ask yourself these questions:

1. Did the event happen because I didn't listen (warning), or would it have happened regardless of my decisions (predefined fate/destiny)?

2. Is the event something I can prevent? For example, you cannot prevent an asteroid, volcano, or any "mass" disaster. A car crash you can in some cases, but not in others.

3. Is it real (premonition), or my imagination (symbolic)?

I use the above three questions to help me get through any of the visions I have, as many of them have not occurred yet.

If you've got any questions (and aren't tired of listening to me), I'll gladly try to help.


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