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Odd Circumstances Relating To Dreams Part 2


This is part two of explaining some of the odd circumstances relating to many of the dreams I have. This part does go into some detail about particular dreams that may be somehow related to a paranormal, psychic, or spiritual nature due to different facts. It is best to first read part 1, to have a basic understanding of these experiences. Thank you so much.

A very confusing fact I question is; in some (not ALL, just some) of these dreams I appear to possibly have psychic abilities that I do not possess in reality. For this one I will have to go into just a bit of detail about the dreams so that I can better explain what I mean.

There were two reoccurring dreams I had for many years. Although they were two separate dreams, they kind of went together like a before and after. At least that is the way they feel to me. These two dreams both had a very strong spiritual 'vibe' to me. In the 1st one I had the experience I described in part 1 where I was viewing the whole thing from both perspectives at once. And from my 'spirit' self; for lack of a better way to describe it; I was watching my physical body go through something I can not even begin to understand. Without going through TOO much detail... Basically there was a lot of vibrations coming from my body. Then all of a sudden a bright pale blue light burst out from me, like it was exploding from within. It slowly faded and was replaced by a white luminescent glow that seemed to surround me, yet also seemed to be coming from within me. The second part of these dreams I (the 'new me' that had the white glow) was standing somewhere unknown. All I could see was light. I could hear other voices, but they sounded far away. And I could FEEL like there were a bunch of other people there with me, although I couldn't see them. And here's where it starts to get REALLY odd, more so than before. I look down and see what looks to be earth, as if I am standing somewhere way up high. At 1st glance everything I see is very very tiny. But then I kind of focus on one particular 'speck' at a time, and all of a sudden there is a full size picture of sorts of a person in front of me. In that instant, I seem to start to know a bunch of random details about that particular person. In fact, everything. Every single thing they have ever done, thought, felt, etc.

I stopped having those two dreams about 6 months ago. Yet since then, I have had many dreams that consist of nothing at all except seeing another random person and somehow knowing things about them. I have never in reality actually seen any of the people I see in these dreams. Yet there was ONE time where while I was fully awake something somewhat similar happened to me.

I was talking to my boyfriend, and in mid sentence stopped. In my head I saw a man's face. I do not know what made me think of him out of the blue like that. Or why I pictured his face. But it was someone I have had the unfortunate experience to meet. This man is not a good man. Since meeting him, I discovered he is not only a drug user, and makes not so great choices in life, but he is also abusive and suspected of being a pedophile. For obvious reasons, I have chosen to have nothing to do with him. Yet the day I saw his face in my head, I was immediately consumed with a very uncomfortable feeling. I tried just ignoring it. About an hour later, I got online only to discover that same man had made several attempts to contact me via online.

Between those dreams and that one experience, I have to question. Is there a connection? As well, to me it seems that in these dreams (at least the second part and all those that came after it) I may be experiencing clairvoyance of some sort. Yet other than that one time I have not experienced anything even remotely on a level like that while awake. Can anyone offer any guidance or opinions as to this? And possibly any ways to maybe help stop the dreams I still continue to have of just random people and facts?

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