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My 'spirit Guide', A Weird Dream, And Weird 'feelings'


I will start off by saying that I am sorry if this comes off as poorly written. This happened to me last night and just a little while ago, and I have not really had time to 'sit on it' and think about it. I will do my best to explain, and hope that someone can help me out and maybe give some ideas of what's happening.

Last night I was having lucid dreams. Now i'm still trying to learn about lucid dreaming, so I'm not sure if that's the correct way to term it. But I assumed that's what it was as I was fully aware that I was dreaming, and at the same time aware of what was going on outside of the dream. I.e. I could hear it raining, the wind blowing real hard, my boyfriend snoring, one of the kids going to bathroom, etc. But I could also see, hear, smell etc everything in vivid detail in the dream. MOST of my dreams are like this. You can refer to my last two stories for more details on how they are, and maybe tell me if you feel these are lucid dreams or if there is another term for them.

Anyway, in the dream state the images just kept flashing around constantly from one 'setting' to another. A wooded area, a desert on a cliff looking over the edge (not standing too close though), a really small town (I keep thinking this one is from a different time period, by the look of the buildings). All just a bunch of different places, places I've never seen in reality before. And it's just me, standing in each place feeling lost and confused. Now this is not common for me, feeling like that in one of my dreams. Even though I've had similar dreams where it was nothing but me and a bunch of different random images, I've never had that feeling of being lost and confused. Just like in real life when I'm awake, I'm always very aware in the other dreams. I never feel scared or anything, I just-- Pay attention. In this dream however, I was confused and feeling lost.

I also felt like someone was watching me, from a distance. I couldn't see them, but in every 'clip' of a place it felt like someone else was there too watching over me. To make sure I was okay kind of. Then in the last (the cliff in the desert) I started to get REALLY kind of scared. And almost out of nowhere a man appears on a motorcycle and stops on the road right in front of me. There was no road there before he pulled up though. I didn't see his face, have no idea who he is. But for some reason I felt a huge sense of relief. Like he was there to rescue me. I ran to him, jumped on the back of the bike, wrapped my arms around him tight and we drove off. And then I fully woke up. For some reason the name Chris comes to mind for this man. But as I said, I didn't see a face. Nor did he speak to me. But it was as if I knew him very well and he was there to help me.

I didn't tell anyone at all about this dream. And then later this morning a friend of mine who claims to be a psychic medium called me. She said she couldn't explain why but had a feeling that she NEEDED to. And asked if I met Chris last night. Right there I was shocked into being momentarily speechless. I didn't tell her about the dream. She then told me (just as I was thinking of telling her that I couldn't see his face), that he didn't WANT me to see his face. She said that the man in my dream last night was my spirit guide presenting himself to me for the 1st time in a human form. I had confided to her in the past that I always saw an animal in my dreams and while meditating, and that's why I assumed my spirit guide was that animal. She then tells me that our 'guides' can take many forms. And he'd always shown up in the past as a wolf because, to me, that would've been less 'threatening' per say as I (even in real life) seem to feel more comfortable around animals than other people and am more likely to "connect and communicate with a guide that presents him self as an animal". But that "he felt you are more open now than before and would accept him in this form". I will admit, I'm still so confused and shocked that she called me and knew those details about my DREAM.

If it was just a dream, why and how would she know those details if I hadn't even told her yet?

And then later this afternoon I got a really weird feeling that, well honestly makes me wonder if I had a temporary insanity thing. I have another friend who is 'gifted'. And other than empathy, I don't know what his 'gifts' are, as he won't tell me. He just admitted finally a few days ago that he is gifted. He said he hasn't told anyone, not even his wife for fear of judgement. I kind of found out by accident. We always seemed to know, to some extent, what the other was thinking or feeling. Over the years we'd randomly text or call the other asking "what's wrong" or saying things like "just thought you needed a hug today". Things like that. Never really thought much of it, just thought we were close enough friends that we could pick that up about each other. Then a few days ago he asked me "what did you say?" When I asked him what he meant, he didn't answer. Then he texted me, describing exactly what I had been wearing during one of my odd reoccurring dreams. Oddly enough, I had just finished submitting a story here about the odd circumstances with those dreams, and I was thinking about that when I got his text, and was re reading aloud to myself what I had written.

Well, over the last few day him and I have been talking more often than we ever did before. And those 'feelings' we get about each other have increased big time. So much to the point that we can sense more than just a strong emotion. But sometimes a random thought or even 'see' the other in our mind for a brief moment.

Well to get back to the original topic. He had just sent me a text asking why I was confused. Right before then, I was sitting down talking to my daughter and sort of "zoned out" for a moment and lost control of being able to tune out my senses. Quick background; I don't really know how it is for others that have heightened senses. But for me I find regular daily life easier if I "tune them out", kind of like turning the volume down on a radio. Although sometimes I like to just sit and focus on everything my senses are picking up, most of the time it's like sensory overload. Someone standing in front of me talking in a normal voice will sound like they are screaming. Many scents are so strong I feel nauseated if I get too close, like most spices when cooking or perfume on somebody. And the feelings, like my skin is always tickling with vibrations coming from every direction. It's too much for me sometimes, so I try to 'turn them down'. Well sometimes, they just kind of come back full blast. Like putting up a mental wall to protect yourself, and on occasion they all go tumbling down for a moment. Sorry, I'm just not sure how else to describe it.

Anyway, that happened to me right before my friend sent me that text asking me why I was confused. It was that momentary overload, the shock of it, wondering how and why I lost that control, and trying to put that mental block back up that was causing so much confusion.

I briefly told him how I was sensing so many things that I hadn't in a long time and that's what caused it. He responded with "I'm here." Then I got this weird sensation of a breath on the back of my neck, and a friendly affectionate hug from behind. And then a really really strong feeling of someone else, right in front of me. I THINK I heard a animal like growl in my head, quiet and threatening but in an overprotective kind of way. And then a feeling I can't really explain that this second spirit or whatever was telling the first to back off because "Now's not the time". Kind of like "She needs to focus and you're a distraction". I really feel crazy typing this, and I have no idea where these feelings are coming from. They just seem right to me. If that makes sense?

Once again, I really am sorry for this story being so poorly written. This has just been a weird day of events for me. I hope I explained everything that happened good enough that whoever reads can understand and not get confused. I really would appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me as to what they think this all means. Do you think it's possible my two friends really are psychic mediums? I'll admit, I tend to doubt sometimes whether or not people are being truthful. But it can't possibly just be coincidence that they know these things before I tell anyone. Any ideas on the "Chris" person I saw in my dream? I still don't understand a great deal about spirit guides. Are they maybe a part of us from a past life, and that could have been one of my soul's past lives. A man named Chris? Does anyone else sometimes "lose control" of their 'gifts'? And do you have any ideas of what those 'feelings' may have been of someone hugging me and then another saying "not now"?

Sorry also about writing so much and asking so many questions. Thank you for your time and help anyone.

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EdenMarie (4 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-21)
Thank you both so much for reading and responding.
I do keep a journal, although admittedly I was never very good at writing EVERYTHING down. I used to write about SOME of my experiences in my regular journal. But I recently bought a new one to use specifically for writing about these dreams and experiences I have.

I do have another question however and could use some guidance. The 2nd friend I referred to here, I'll call him Jason. The bond of sorts we have between us has grown even stronger since I submitted this story. The things we could 'pick up' about each other went from only being on occasion to now almost constantly, every day. At first, I doubted him and a lot of those feelings. For example... I felt like it was impossible for him know things like how I was feeling or what I was thinking at a particular moment, to know that I was laughing, or even my left eye was hurting, that I was putting on a second pair of socks... Just odd random things like that. But all of these things, he would mention in a text, phone call or email at the exact moment I was thinking, feeling, or doing such things. And I can pick up the same things about him.
Now I've heard of people having a strong 'bond' with another person and similar things such as this happening. But I really don't know much about it. It does make me question though... Why or how do this friend and I seem to have such a bond? I can pick up many subtle things from others and my surroundings all the time, but never from anyone else that far away distance wise. Why can I with him, and him with me?

Also... How do I STOP this? As cool as it sometimes seems and admittedly nice sometimes that he just seems to know without me having to say anything (kind of comforting when you're feeling down and you've got a friend who understands and cares)... I can only see a bad outcome for the long term.
I'm worried that one or both of us may eventually develop feelings beyond friendship, which would cause all kinds of emotional repercussions and other ruined personal relationships. As well, I fear this bond will end up (even IF neither of us were to feel anything beyond just friends) with both of us becoming so close and comfortable with each other that we start to 'forget' about everyone and everything else so to speak. Kind of like...we'll be in "our own little bubble" if that makes sense.

I don't want to lose his friendship. And I feel this 'bond' or whatever you want to call it will cause that. But I really have NO IDEA how to break it or shut it off, or if it's even possible now that's it's as strong as it is. I would really really appreciate any help or advice on this. As always, THANK YOU
aviela (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-17)
Hi Eden,
It's completely possible that both friends are psychic... And the dream guide Chris might not have anything to do with your real life friends... I've also heard that lucid dreamers can meet each other while lucid dreaming as's something else to think about... The growl may have been your own instinctive nature coming out as protection... Completely normal... I agree with IntuitiveMama... Writing things down is good and shutting it off will definitely be helpful... You're very open and that's not so easy to deal with... But it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders. Best of luck:)
IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-13)
Hey so I don't know a bunch about spirit guides other than that they are there to help you find your way through life and protect you. It would be great for you to be able to communicate with yours, and it appears that you are beginning to via your dreams. I've also heard they try to represent themselves as something easy for you to identify with-mine is a girl named Tululla--for me a memorable name to remember. Chris on a motorcycle might be what your spirit guide has chosen is easy for you. I would say if you're confused, just ask your spirit guide for more direction and ask for it in a dream since you seem to be most "used to" this kind of communication. Or whatever is most comfortable for you. Write down any questions or new things you have learned. It helps to keep a journal. And finally, try not to let the other side distract you too much from this life. I know it's hard to shut it off sometimes! I think you are really growing in your gifts!

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