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Something Is Following Me, Or Am I Inviting Them To Me?


Recently I started participating in Church activities in an effort to be closer to God. And honestly since I've had some strange dreams, but that's a semi-normal occurrence to be honest. The thing that's bothering me is I seem to have something or someone that follows me everywhere. I can remember this from when I was a kid and I honestly can't pin point when it started, but I know that I've always felt the presence of someone or something else with me. ALWAYS. I even hear things move and settle by themselves, and sometimes the people around me hear them too. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, or if i'm even on the right sight but I know I need help. I've had dreams of voodoo, fighting off possession, being shot, dying and plethora of other situations. I just want to understand what's going on with me.

I think the scariest thing is that when I was a kid, I would hear breathing coming from my closet at night when I was a kid. My dreams would be something to the degree of "beast of the southern wild" with how everyone ran around and honestly the setting. Except that often times I would see someone I know die, or someone I've never met and I would wake up crying. And often times I've woke up laughing for no reason at all, and even felt like I transitioned form lucid dreams back to reality. But I know that these recent dreams of me fighting off being possessed is what's really got me troubled. In all my dreams its as if God is preparing me for something if you will. Like I've seen numerous people dying, and lately I've been searching for someone in my dreams.

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winkins101 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-27)
I have experienced the same kind of things after going to church and trying to learn more about God and become closer, I felt like something was fighting me and messing with my faith, almost like it didn't want me knowing who God was. Just remember God is stronger and I always say a prayer a few times a day for protection: the light of god surrounds me, the love of god enfolds me, the power of god protects me, the presence of god watches over me, wherever I am, god is. I use to get cold chills and cold sweats also when I was surrounded my negative people or energies so I always ask God to send any negative energies around me back to their sender, and ask for a spiritual cleansing. Also you may sense your spirit guide around you, or angel is what some refer to them as but mine always stands in front of me it seems like, or to the left while I'm meditating. Be strong and always remember God is stronger, don't let those negative things try to scare you from the church. I always felt I must be in the right place if it was going to go through all the trouble to bother me at church, but I picked a negative spirit up from someone else that I was sitting next to in church. I've also had them follow me home from friends houses' and needed assistance from some of the church members to get them to leave but with prayer I feel anything is possible and I've seen God take them away if their evil. Just don't worry or stress about it, it seems like it just feeds it. Say the prayer though, I suffered for years thinking I had a medical condition and it was "cured" with a prayer 3 times a day.
teefay (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-25)
Hi there, I'm really sorry for your troubles, it sounds very disturbing. It's hard to say with accuracy what it might be since everyone's experience is so unique, but you mentioned "fighting off being possessed". That made me think about a topic called "spirit attachment". You might like to read about that and see if it feels right to you. If so, there are definitely ways to get rid of any spirit that you don't like.

I'm not an expert in this subject but I've heard of it. If it offers any comfort, I literally met someone this morning who described having a very negative spirit "attach" to her (she felt it was on her back) and she only had to make one visit to an experienced and real (not quack) psychic and he was able to remove it in one session.

You might like to read about "psychic defense" as well. There are many ways that you can protect yourself from these kinds of negative forces/energies/beings so they don't bother you. If you are going to church, this thing might be uncomfortable in church and trying to stop you from going. Holy Water might help you. Praying. Keeping a Bible nearby. Anything that feels right to you. These negative forces don't like anything which is "good" and "protective". 😊

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