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Sensitive To Things And People


I had a very vivid dream a few years back. I've always been sensitive to things and people. I know more than I should. This dream I had, It felt like I was there before even though I never was. I was walking on a path picking up peices of paper that looked like they belonged to a book. I walked in to a libray and found the book I knew it belonged to I new how the pages were suposed to be. And after I put the book together It read premanition on the front of the book. After that had happened every once in a while, I can feel what's going to happen. After I had a dream we were drving we were stuck in a 2 mile traffic jam and we were just at the begining and I looked of and said hey Dad Wouldn't be odd if a car caught fire but the guy was okay. And about 2 hours later there was a Man standing beside his exsinguished car just fine. I blew it off thinking it was a quidink. Now I was working and these 2 custmers were behind a guy and before I say what they had and heard them speak, I got a flash of what our converstations were and thier items they bought. And when I was checking them out our conversations when excat and items to. Otyher things been happening I will get this feeling. Like example When I was at work my Manger turned my light of so I can go to break and I kept having this feeling that it was on I kept repeating to my self the light, the light, the light she had later returned and asked if I turn my light of and I looked up and it was on. She asked if I touched it I said no and there is no way I could have bumped it. It was a switch that you had to reach for and push it with you fingers. And I have had a lot more stuff. But I think I wrote too much. I'm just confused about what's going on with me.

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mirany (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-23)
I too am confused with having some new-found (or maybe reopening) some premonition and empathic/psychic abilities.

As far as having the dream of the book of which you put together the missing pages, that to me right there indicates that a new book was being opened to you. New talents and gifts are being presented to you should you choose to accept them.

And if you ever feel that your gifts are coming on too strong, well, then we're in the same boat, but fear not for we're not sinking. This is all merely the beginning of the new Mayan era, in which people's abilities will expand and grow evermore rapidly.

If you don't meditate, start now. If meditation isn't your cup of tea, do something active that puts your breathing and your body first; your mind needs to step out of the way, so you can focus on Spirit, God, Goddess, Source, whatever it is that you feel holds the world together on the etheric/metaphysical plane. In doing so, you will strengthen your know-how of all things spirit.

Many blessings.

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