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Orbs Around Me, Being An Empath


A couple of years ago I took some pictures at my sons christening at a Catholic Church in New York City. In the certain pics I notice one or two Orbs above my head or beside me. No one else in my family have Orbs in there pictures but only me.

I looked at it and knew what it was at the time and but never really followed up on it until now.

When I say a deceased persons name out loud or repeatedly a few times I would suddenly get the most amazing chills all over my body. Like a instant Flush of energy but then it would subside.

I think I know what it means but I am not an expert. I have noticed as I have gotten older my sensitivity to people has become more acute. I read people like books now. I seem to know what they're going to do, how they are going to act before they do it. I kind of like being a step ahead and reading between the lines. But most times I keep information that I receive about people to myself.

Cause I don't want people to think I am paranoid or delusional. In most cases I turn out to be right 100%.

I can get anyone to like me and trust me immediately. Then they would tell me personal things I shouldn't know or that they would never tell anyone. I would almost get there whole life story. Teens and children are different I would open up to them about myself then suddenly they gave me a Tidal Wave of information about there life!

I would almost everyday get HUGs, embraces by women that just talk to me about issues they are having. I feel there pain and hurt sometimes. I would almost cry. But then I would say to them "It will be okay and things will and do get better."

I always wonder. Those beautiful words that came out of my mouth was NOT me!

But I said them at the right time when the person needed to hear them

I am an Empath and I think I have other abilities I don't understand and they may not have a name.

1) But why would Orbs be near me at the Church? Can some one explain this to me?

2) What level of Empath am I to make people feel good like I do. And I mean everyone I meet! Freaking weird! LOL

Thank you


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StrangeLuck2 (guest)
9 years ago (2013-06-27)
There is so much I am trying to learn about myself and my abilties and I only seem to learn by interaction with others and I would process the information at that moment or the next day.

I carry grounding stones Hematite and Obsedian hopefully that will help me set boundaries from people who drain my energy. And I always wear a herkimer diamond crystal around my neck. I love Herkimer Crystals there my favorite. Expensive though!
And I have gotten pretty good at imagining that I am in a protective Triangle like force field that protects me from negative energy and keeps those from draining mine.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-08)
StrangeLuck2 the orb you described is ancestors.
I have picture of myself with a number of them plus a guide.
I also had a reading from a man whom saw the orbs and the ancestors. For myself they work with me in healing. The orb was green and earth tone which represented the 2 types of people. I have seen the green manifest my great grandfather whom I never met and he came with a message about our eldest and the path she was taking. I never ever met this man but I knew he was my grandfathers father on my dads side.

Orbs are many things: loved ones whom died, ancestors whom are family way down the family tree. Angels that help a person whom died cross over. As I had a pic which was taken ourside of a cancer hospital and there were 3 orbs, two of them we could see faces. Orbs for individuals who work with energy can send their guides inside of one. I suppose it possible that because orbs are energy a lower energy can be an orb. But an alarm went off in my head and yours with the picture in the church are spirit helpers.
And the fact you are channelling from a higher source to people whom speak to you. For children they are pure until they learn neg and can without boarders, recognize truth and light. So this is why they easily open to you. Please know that I got another bell-so this is true for you. If you wish to speak let me know by sending a message, so I can email you. I have taken my email, since too many people on this site send neg one, and I wish no part of that.

Please know I am not a novice as I have been working with energy as a kid, acknowledged it at 18 and have had many a rocky road being an empathy as yourself. As to octives lower. I see life differently. And can only tell info from what the years up to 54yrs of age has taught me. Empathys give and in energy there is always an exchange so this leaves us depleted.
The key is to be grounded have boarders and understand the depths of channeling and energy.

Good journey 😁
Lovedbyluna (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-08)
It seems as if there might be a drawback to you having such a "step up" in your abilities in comparison to others. As someone who trains psychics I've learned in my experience that someone who seems to have the gift of gab usually has lower octave energies following them or they have something dark and insidious they have to learn about themselves that they're usually in denial about. Its basically like energy's ultimate balancer - "If you give yourself all of these abilities and advantages, then there has to be something in exchange for it."

Its great that you're able to connect to people and heal them in some way. I would just advise to not let it go to your head. There isn't a level or rating system of psychic abilities or empathic ones. Everyone's different and has varying forms of it so they don't exist.

As for orbs, orbs are just spirits that have decided that they think that coming in the form of "circles" are cute. Spirits are made out of pure energy and energy can be manipulated so sometimes they come in the form of orbs and it can also be determined by the other person's perception level. Sometimes its easier for spirits to manifest themselves as "orbs" in comparison to people because its a more grounded way for them to perceive it.

Also, since it seems incredibly easy for you to attract people I suggest to learn how to set up thick boundaries so people aren't loading their problems onto you. If people are doing that to that extent, you might as well get paid for it because getting that every day can get very exhausting!

Good luck

- Luna

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