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From a young age, I have had experiences with the paranormal. When I was very young, I remember my grandmother coming to me in a dream the night before she died. That is the first thing I can remember being "not normal."

Another time, I was doing artwork with my mother and I suddenly saw a woman standing outside, and I went out to talk to her, except that she was gone when I got there. I remember her vividly, a very pretty woman who looked almost otherworldly with long, long hair the color of ink and pale skin. She smiled at me and beckoned me out, and that is why I went out. My mom told me that it could have been an elemental, or some other kind of nature being.

Eight years ago, I started seeing the dead. They never spoke to me, and I only saw glimpses occasionally, or heard indistinguishable words, but over time, they have become clearer and clearer until now I look at someone like they are a normal person, and then I look back and they are gone. This is a bit disorienting, but I feel that I will get used to it shortly. I rarely talk to the dead, but sometimes I hear some things.

Lately, it has been getting more clear. A few weeks ago, I went to bed well after my parents, and when I was lying in bed, I could hear two people talking. Not in words I could understand; it sounded something like Russian, and then I saw something out of my window when I got up to get a drink. It looked like a lantern and two people walking. It disappeared when it reached the forest line.

I have dreams about major events that happen, like the school shooting and the Boston Bombing, and I even recall a very faded dream about two towers exploding when I was really young. I've also had dreams about people finding cures for diseases like Cancer, and I hope that those dreams will come true, too.

I feel that I have been so lucky to have parents who believe that I really do see these things and don't pass it of as craziness, or something to get attention, and I have had some really good friends over the years who have helped me. One can even see the same things I see, and I talk to him frequently, though we are no longer in personal contact. I don't share this with many people because sometimes it scares them, but it feels really good to finally find a group of people who understand what people like me go through daily.

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Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-06-16)

We/I thank you for sharing. Its wonderful to hear of all our experiences as so many have happened for myself, but I choose to keep most of them personally to myself. I love it when things show up especially to help others.

And like you, I was fortunate too, to have a mom who automatically understood and accepted spiritual experiences, what a saint, too I must say. So here we can all get together and share so no one else has to feel left out if their parents or loved ones are on the same plane to speak.

Thank you and peace be with you,

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