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I am 17 years old and this is my story. First off, I need to point out that I am NOT crazy. These things that have happened to me are VERY real and please do not comment disrespectful or hurtful things because this has been a serious issue in my life. Thank you for reading it. It was the summer before going into eighth grade, and I had witnessed or "felt" a presence in my home downstairs for the first time. I have always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplainable things in life, but I never expected those things to become a reality and apart of my own life. But I decided to do more research on the topic. I started checking out books from the library and found a lot on ghosts. I remember that I used to watch ghost movies or look up ghost videos on Youtube and I desperately wanted to become friends with one of them so I decided to put the books a side and try communicating with the presence I felt. The first time I tried talking to the ghost but I didn't hear anything. I got frustrated because I couldn't clearly see it or hear it, but I wanted to so badly. I then talked to some friends about it at school and I soon found out that I had a few friends who could see and talk to spirits themselves, so I invited them over to talk to it. I soon found out that the presence was a girl ghost who was 19 years old and her name was Alex who also had a cat that I would sometimes see in the hallway or down by the lake that I lived on. I once saw Alex's face in my laundry room and her head floating out of the corner of my eye tho, but that was before I had friends come over. Obviously I was extremely naive in paranormal things and that you should never mess with that stuff, but my curiosity took over, and the fact that I was only a "middle schooler" played a role in it as well and I didn't know any better. Anyways long story short, my friends and I would hang out with Alex and other ghosts that came along with as well and they ended up being demons and would sort of possess us, but not like the way you would see in the movies... You could hear them in your head through your thoughts and they could control your mood and it was still very dangerous. This is very weird for me to say, but it's the truth. It really did happen... Anyways I had to pray a whole lot and ignore them with all of my might in order to get away from them all. Eventually I did though. But through that experience I ended up loosing all of my friends, so I really don't recommend doing that.

Anyways there was also a night during this time that I went to bed and I turned off the light and I felt pressed down to my bed and couldn't move at all... I was terrified and I kept seeing in my head where my light switch was and I tried lifting my hand so hard in order to turn it back on but I couldn't. Finally I started to pray in my head and then my hand flew up and turned the light on and the presence immediately left.

Also, my friends got together and I had a friend who could "travel" and see auras as well and he had a gift for seeing other's gifts as well. I asked him if I had any special gifts and he said that I have the gift of knowing. I didn't quite understand what that meant back then but over the years I have learned more. Soon after he told me this, I started predicting things all over the place. I could tell exactly when the clock would change to the next minute, what the teacher would say next, what commercial would be on the T.V. Next, what would happen later on in the day, anything practically. I even counted one day of how many things I had predicted all within a few hours and it came up to be about 30 things. I was really excited about it, but also a little scared to because I come from a very religious LDS family and as you may know, these kind of things don't really fit in with my religion.

A few years past and I move away to Arizona. I decided to leave all of that behind and focus on being normal for a change, but soon after I move, it follows me again. One day I'm in my bathroom doing my make up and I see out of the corner of my eye someone running past my door in the hallway and this is very early in the morning before school and I live with just my parents and I know that they are asleep. So I look and see that there is no one there and I ignore it and continue what I am doing and then I see it again and then I get really freaked out. All I can think is "I have another ghost in my house. Great." Then later on I find another friend who can talk to ghosts and see them clearly and I have her come hang out with me, but I don't intentionally ask her to talk to it because of my past experiences of course, but then she kept looking around and looked like she saw something. But I didn't ask her about it until she opened up to me about other things that she had going on in her life. She told me that she would sorta see another "her" always glaring right at her. Kind of like if you have seen Hero's the show and the blonde girl who has a identity disorder. She would wake up sometime outside of her house and look up and see "her". It was really freaky. So I thought I'd ask since I didn't want her to feel like a freak, I guess I would be one with her to. She told me that it was an 11 year old boy in my room and he died in a fire somewhere else. I knew from experience to never trust ghosts though because they are most likely demons trying to posses you so I didn't talk to him much. But I have seen him in some dreams of mine and I have also seen his shadow fly around my room before as well. Anyways once again I can't seem to get away from these things forever.

Later on my friend starts to act sort of strange. Earlier in my life around the time I was getting over the ghosts the first time, I dated this guy named Kris. He wasn't all that normal either. He told me he was a vampire. I was a little skeptical at first of course, but then I saw that he was telling the truth. He was a special kind of vampire though. He could kind of control your emotions and he did that with me. I couldn't see him much and he was also older than me but whenever I was with him I felt sort of in a trance and he could persuade me to do things. I remember he kissed me once and after that I felt a sting in my lip and he said that he had "bit" me. I of course freaked out and thought I was a vampire to but really I wasn't. Anyways, with my friend I saw that she was sort of acting like he would and I called her out on it and she she told me that she was, but she was obviously scared and felt crazy as well. She even has a werewolf friend to, who I also know. Then later on she found out that her dad that she thought was her real father wasn't after all. She found out that the devil himself was her real father. Did you know that the devil can make a virgin give birth just as well as God can? The same concept happened here. She is literally the spawn of Satan. She is basically the most powerful thing on earth. I never believed her completely though until she came over one day and I saw her in action. We were in my room one day and I said that I had to go to the bathroom, so I did. After, I come out of the bathroom and look over and see that she's not in there anymore and I look the other way and see a shadowy flash and I turn and it's gone and then I walk forward and I see the flash go over and then her walking towards me. I asked if that was her and she said yes... So maybe every little thing is true. Mermaids, vampires, witches, demons, you name it. It's real.

Now this is where I get to the part where I actually thought I was going nuts. I kept asking myself why me? Why do these things happen to me? What's the purpose of me knowing all of these things? Am I really psychic or an empath, or what am I really? I would read books and try to figure it out all the time and I could really relate to it... So I would think I was a witch or a vampire or something. I was in a pretty bad place then... But then I would think that I was crazy and try ignoring it. But I couldn't help but wonder still. I would ask my friend if her father knew anything about it and he said that my abilities would develop over time as I got older. So that didn't help really.

Later, when I got to a better place, I realized that I was just over thinking it all and that I am just plain human with psychic abilities and gifts. I still don't know why I know those other things or why they happened to me, but now I know that I need to avoid them because they mess with your mind and it's not healthy. So in the end, I am just a girl who can predict the future, feel other's emotions, and feel presences while sort of seeing ghosts, and who has had a lot of experience in the paranormal and supernatural world. This is my story.

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-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-10)
The person you said was the spawn of the devil it sound like she did one of three things I believe she wasn't the spawn she was either possessed by a demon and the demon used it power, two she used a kinisis that manipulates shadows or she is really strong at telepathy

Was your boyfriend a psychic vampire (able to suck or give emotions. I have encountered one and everyone around him was kind of depressed. Was he able to control people though?

Besides of all of that (sorry if the two paragraphs above came off rude I tend to come off rude while typing) you seem to have some very interesting experiences for futer experiences I would recommend saying: Show me what you really are in the name of (your religious prefrene)
RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-10)
You could contact me at midnightghost123456789 [at],
I will always try to help! 😆
RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-10)
First of all I believe you, I have expirenced some of those things too, but some different, I have a werewolf friend, and I have never come face to face with a ghost but I know I will soon.
I am only thirteen barely a teen, I fear my abilities will become stronger, but if you have any more enchonters with then ghosts or demons or whatever, please pat me know and I will try to help you, I once saw some dark figure in my moms room whispering my name in my head, and I fear I have a bit of demon in me.
I will help you though. [curious]
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (214 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-05)
I can't sense spirits my dad can but I like real ghost stories of course sorry for off topic.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-07)
well through my experience with demonic things, I have learned to protect myself greatly against anything evil. I personally try not to ignore anything evil because from experience that has made me vulnerable in the means that demons were able to hurt me, so when I notice them or sense them I immediately become vigilante and protect myself. Also communicating with good spirits is interesting as well, especially a spirit guides because they are specifically there for you. (which I have my own experience with). If you would like to know more about that, you are better off emailing me and I wouldn't mind. 😊
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-02)
yeah I do! Especially with these sort of things because it's all about the uInknown. And thanks for reading my story. It's so weird for me though but I've learned how to ignore the evil spirits and not get so caught up in all of the paranormal things as well. But I do want to know how to connect with the Good spirits. Or see my spirit guide haha. How do you relate? 😊
jodenx12 (70 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-30)
Hey I really admire your story and I can connect to many of the things that you have been through. Having a spiritual life is always fun if you love to learn new things because it consists of about endless knowledge. Can I assume you love to learn as well?
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-28)
Give it some time and you will learn to be comfortable with your abilities. Though you may encounter some hardship with your abilities, you will over come these obstacles.
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-28)
thanks lilylove! I will for sure do that. It's just weird to accept and be able to do these things. But I'm glad that I found this website to help me out and see that I'm not the only one out there with these abilities. 😊
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-28)
Relax Esther
You have psychic abilities so yes you are psychic don't doubt yourself.
Your friends father is correct, your abilities will grow with time, age, and experience.
Another way to improve your abilities is meditating. Meditating helps our abilities to grow and balances out our ability meaning if your ability out of control, meditating will balance it out.
Similar experiences? That's easy this entire website is full of stories with similar experiences you just have to read them.
I think all this has happened to you because you looked for it and have attracted it to yourself.
To keep yourself safe from negative entities
Imagine yourself being surrounded by a white light that's full of love and protective energy.
If you need anymore help ask away.
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-27)
Any comments or similar experiences? Am I really psychic? Why do these things happen?
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-27)
I also have Deja vu a whole lot, sometimes a few times a day or once a week and sometimes I have Deja Deja Deja vu where I know I've seen the same scene more than once or twice. Plus I have also had other experiences with ghosts as well if you ever want to know about it. Just ask. 😊

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