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Weird Things In A Week


Over the past week a few unusual things have occurred.

First, on last Wednesday I was cooking dinner for my family in the kitchen and I thought I heard something in the dining room. I walked into that room and looked around: all seemed normal. Then a lavender shape swooped out of the other room and up towards the ceiling. This shape was transparent and roughly about the size of a person. It had no distinctive characteristics besides being lavender. After that I decided that I must be overtired and that my mind was playing tricks on me. I glanced around one more time and saw a smaller, indigo, child-sized shape coming towards me. Before it could touch me I jumped and raced out of the room, back into the kitchen. After I had calmed down I peered into that room one more time and saw an ash gray one swoop up towards the ceiling.

I have not encountered something like that before and still have not recovered from that. Even a week later I still walk around my parent's house, on edge. Does anyone have a clue on what those are?

The second thing that was weird this week was three days ago when I was texting my cousin. She had sent me a picture of her tea that she was drinking and as soon as I saw that picture, a sweet smell hit my nose. I texted my cousin back asking her if she had put honey or sugar in her tea. Indeed she had put sugar in her tea. My mother is against having sugar or sugary treats in the house due to my little sister's sensitivity to sugar, so the sweet smell couldn't have been from my house.

Was the sweet smell a coincidence or possibly a new psychic ability?

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Samie (1 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-25)
Smelling something remotely is clairalience or "clear smell" its like clairvoyance only another sense, in this case olfactory instead of vision.

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