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Psychic Powers?


Ever since I found out about Psychic powers a lot of strange things are happening to me. I been having a lot of dreams but I will tell you two of them.

One I heard " Come child of wind" and I walked down the road with the wind surrounding me.

The Second one, I practiced flying in the air with nobody around me. I managed to fly a couple of feet but fell to the ground.

My two friends know about Psychic abilities, my friend Hannah can tell the future, as for Isabelle she dosen't know hers yet but I would think she would have the power over elements.

I know one of my powers might be precognition.

I've been practicing telekinesis, but the most I can do is shake a toothpick.

I have been having a lot of dreams about the future.

The lights flicker a lot when I turn it on, but when another person turns the light on it does not flicker.

I've always been good at hiding and once my friend couldn't find me for 20- 30 minutes. Just because I blended with the crowd.

I get deja vu couple times a month.

Dreams (Not all of them)

1.) I remember one dream I saw a guy with black hair, black wings or maybe dark gray, black outfit, and fair skin. His eyes didn't hold evil but sadness. He usually kept me out of trouble.

2.) One guy with blonde hair in a pony tail was following me. I couldn't remember if he had crystal blue eyes or red eyes. He kept on commenting on how he will have the world on his fingertips.

3.) I saw the half of San Francisco Gate bridge covered in smoke. I turned a little bit to the right and there was S.F bombed. I tried to walk over there but a lady I couldn't see said " Don't go over there"

Could this be powers I don't know about?

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Madara (guest)
9 years ago (2013-07-26)
When I started my training I was confusd at what where my powers and all but my master helped me with that making my guide tell me what thy were through dreams. I saw my pyrokinesis which I already knew I had, aeroK and electroK. So I think you should let your dreams guide you too. You said you had precognition,right?So make those dreams reality. Try some basic aerokinesis. Open a window and try to control how much the wind blows in, it's better if there's a curtain though. The guy from your first dram in the second list may be your guide if you dream him often.
kitanalui15 (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-26)
I don't know mine too but I can imagine what I want to happen and it happens afterwards... 😲

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