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Weird Things Keep Happening To Me


As I was typing all this out, I felt some weird aura all around me, it was as if I was being told not to post this, but eh, probally just paranoid.

Im not exactly sure this is classified as psychic, (if not, simply report the post and be done with it) but I have been putting a lot of thought into it recently, and decided to share it, I have tried to "debunk" it, but I can't think of a possible explanation.

So a few years back when I was 13 (15 now), I was living with my stepmom and she was going out shopping or something. As she was waiting at the bus stop, she looked down and saw a tarot card, she said it was leaning up against the post of the bus stop, she also swore it wasn't there when she got there, anyway, it was some scary looking witch lady part of the Jungian set, oh, she also used to

Study them.

When she got home, she showed it to myself and my younger sister. A few hours later we were heading over to my uncles place (I can't remember why), since I didn't have my own bus pass we decided to walk, it was only about a 10 minute walk. As we were walking, it was as if I lost all control of myself. I stopped, turn to the right and pointed at the bushes and said "hey mom look, a card". As I said this I was thinking, how the hell did I know there was a card there, and why did I suddenly stop. I didn't want to say anything incase she freaked out. I don't remember what this card looked like, but I remember what happened like it was yesterday.

Another reason I'm posting this is because a lot of other stuff has been happening to, not related to this incident but other stuff such as dreams happening in real life, me waking up in the morning and basically seeing my day before it happens (it's kind of projected as images that happen throughout the day) and other stuff that I can't really be bothered to type up.

Im just hoping that someone else out there has had some similar experience and I'm not the only one, I'm also curious to how I knew where the card was... And who put it there.

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