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Precognition Feeling Beyond My Control?


I have had these weird feelings as far as I can remember and always a week before something happens. A week before my grandfather had a stroke (back in the 90's) I had this feeling like something bad was going to happen. A week later he had a stroke. A week before my aunt had a heart attack I got the same feeling. Also had the feeling a week before she passed away. I got the feeling a week before loved ones passed away or something bad happened to them. A week before 9/11 I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. I told my mom she said it could be from school but a week later not only did 9/11 happen but the same day my great grandfather died (not 9/11 related). My mom passed away last year on valentines day and a week before I got the same feeling. About 2 hours ago I started to get this weird feeling so I contacted family and friends to make sure all was ok but the feeling is still there. I am use to this feeling but it just makes me wonder. Why do I get these feelings? My sister passed away this year and a week before we got the news she was not going to make I got this sad feeling and felt something was wrong but I didn't know what. Now I got it again and I am scared something I don't want to happen will happen. I am not depressed, anxious, worried, or anything like that. I just wish I could understand these feelings. I use to have dreams about things happening and they did. Sometimes I had dreams about fields on fire and then turn on the news and there will be a wild fire somewhere. I had those a lot when I was younger and I had dreams about tornado's and then hear about them later on down the road. Am I crazy? Or is this something beyond my control any input would be helpful on this I am 25 and all this started about 20 years ago

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