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Weird Experiences In Different Houses


I used to live in this house in georgia and once while I was going upstairs after dinner I looked down the corridor where all the rooms are. First is my room. Second, is my sister's room, and then my brothers room is at the end. So, I look down the corridor and inside my brother's room I saw a shoawdow of a tall man around 6'5 whith a tophat on. The shawdow just looked at me for 3 seconds and walked further into my brothers room. Instead of following it I just walk back downstairs until someone finished their dinner and came up with me.

Then from that day on, every morning I would hear footsteps going down the corridor and stop at my room. It was creepy and I never forgot it. Then I moved to another house in Florida.

That house seemed nice it was a town house and was the only thing we could afford. So one night while I was using the bathroom and everyone was sleeping. I stared at the doorknob while I was using the bathroom and suddenly the doorknob turned by itself and the door opened only a little bit. I checked with everyone that it wasn't a prank but everyone was sound asleep.

Then, another night while my family and I were all sleeping in the living room because of a power outage I heard clear footsteps going up the stairs. Then I asked my mom and sister if they heard anything and they told me that they didn't.

I don't know if maybe its a different ghost or the shawdow with a top hat but its really weird and I was telling the truth about everything. Anyway thank you for reading my story.

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